5 Quick Tips For Google Adsense Approval

Google AdSense Approval is not such a big issue when you do genuine work. I also had a problem to get quick AdSense approval in the beginning but now I have multiple websites approved by AdSense.

Every beginner does multiple mistakes but it is not that you cannot monetize your website with Google AdSense in the coming days.

Many people are selling the Google AdSense account. This is an illegal job. Please do not purchase such an approved AdSense account. Get it on your own. The purchased AdSense account can get you various problems.

If you are making your own content and writing a helpful article on your blog or website, then it is sure you can get Google AdSense Approval.

Read this complete article to get complete information regarding multiple topics.

Before starting the article, let me make you clear that getting AdSense approval is different for Websites and Videos.

You should follow the YouTube video monetization requirement for monetizing your YouTube video. This article is completely focused on getting AdSense approval on your website.

People are creating websites and blogs wishing to make money from Google AdSense. Google AdSense is the most trusted advertising network of google which allows monetizing your website or blog.

It is easier to get AdSense approval on the website and blog when you have a custom domain.

Let me share my experience with you.

I have been working on more than 10 websites in multiple niches. But, I have my four websites approved for google AdSense. And I am working on the remaining sites to get approved.

Some of my websites were not approved when I applied for the first time. However, I got quick AdSense approval on some of my websites.

So, this article will be the best informative post for you as I have written with my doing, understanding, and experiencing the process.

These checklists will help you to get easy AdSense approval and make more money from AdSense.

get google adsense approval
get google adsense approval

How to get Google AdSense approval in 1 minute?

There are some conditions that can help you get sure Google AdSense Approval. Use this checklist to get Google AdSense approval for your blog or website.

  1. Write Your Own Content
  2. Search Console Integration
  3. Content Language
  4. Website Niche
  5. Problem Solving Content
  6. Special Page
  7. Image or Videos
  8. Domain
  9. Domain Age
  10. Traffic Requirement

Write Your Own Content

These days, you can see multiple articles and videos saying a Google AdSense approval trick. They are saying to spin the article. This is a very bad way of blogging.

You can read the article of your niche and improvise the article. But, using a spinning tool is strictly prohibited.

Just read the article, understand the information and write this in your own language. You can not copy any content from anywhere.

How many articles are needed for Adsense approval?

It is not sure how many articles are required to get AdSense approval. But, it can be sure when you write about 10 – 15 unique detailed articles, you definitely get google AdSense approval.

Search Console Integration

Integrate your site with Google Search Console.

Before applying for Google AdSense approval, you should have more than 10 articles indexed on your google webmaster. This will help you get faster Google AdSense approval.

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Content Language

Google AdSense is available to everybody all over the world. But, there are certain languages where Google AdSense does not support. You can check the Google AdSense language support.

How to open a blog and earn moneySearch Engine Optimization Techniques
Google Adsense PIN not receivedHow to start free blogging?
Guide to write an article for blogSEO that can rank your article

Website Niche

The more niche you are oriented the more viewers you get AdSense approval.

There are some niches where you cannot create unique content. Lyrics or Job websites can have difficulty writing unique content.

You should not promote any illegal activities like movie downloading, piracy, and defaming the people.

Google strictly denies sites that have adult, pornography, sexual content, hacking and cracking, weapons and guns, poker and gambling, phishing, drugs, and pharmacy, etc.

Problem-Solving Content

Google is now focusing on the user intent in your article. Just Keyword stuffing does not work from now. Always try to help the user.

If you help the user then you will automatically be able to make high CPC earnings because the intent of the article is very high to get clicks.

Special Page

Google requires some pages which show your effort. It helps to understand your website.

Also, google understands the person writing on the website is genuine and is working to share information with visitors.

These pages can be Privacy Policy, Contacts Us, About Us, Disclaimer, and DMCA. These are the pages required for AdSense approval.

It increases the trust that you genuinely want to work on your blog or website.

You can create your own page with genuine information. It is not necessary to write vague content on such a page.

Privacy Policy – Include what kinds of data you collect on your website. If you do not ask for any user input, then clearly mention it on your privacy policy page.

If you have a payment option on your website, mention how you are securing the payments. Also, if you are using any advertising networks, then mention it.

If you are using Google AdSense on your website, you can mention as This website will be monetized with Google AdSense.

About Us – Give a brief introduction genuinely about yourselves. Also, write about your website, and what kinds of articles you are going to write in this article.

Also, give the links to your social media and other media through which people can know you.

Contact Us – You can create a contact form through which people can submit their email and contact you regarding multiple issues.

Disclaimer – The disclaimer page is giving a statement about something. You can write about how genuinely you work on the article, and the content you create.

You can state how you are protecting the user’s privacy. You can ensure the content you create is your own.

DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act helps to secure the content of the creator.

In such a case, if you have added some content that does not belong to you, then the creator can contact you to remove the content through the DMCA page.

You might be using data, statistics, infographics, videos, etc. which the creator might not want to be used on another website. So, if you have a DMCA page he can ask you to remove his content.

Otherwise, if you do not have this DMCA Page, the user directly sends the DMCA to Google and your site will be affected.

This way add all these necessary pages in the navigation menu so that the user can go to the required pages.

The website should not look incomplete. Arranging the contents in related categories and pages helps in navigation.

Image or Videos

To every article, adding an image or video is an ingredient to the best SEO. This adds extra juice to your site.

When the user sees the informative related images, infographics, or videos on the content, the users stay more time on your website.

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Also, the use of multimedia makes your article more valuable. When the user can read, listen and watch; the understanding is more.

And your content will be the best.


Use top-level domains with the extensions like .com, .org, or .net.

If you are trying to get AdSense approval with subdomains like yourdomain.blogspot.com or yourdomain.wordpress.com, then it is difficult to get AdSense approval.

Domain selection can also have a great influence on getting Google AdSense Approval.

You cannot add keywords that promote illegal activities, piracy, etc. Also, check the google AdSense ban before purchasing any domain.

It is because there are multiple expired domains that are banned by Google AdSense. These domains do not get AdSense approval.

You can check your domain in the Google Adsense Ban checker.

Domain Age

Domain age does not matter when you are using the top-level custom domain on your website.

But, if you are working as a blogger with a Blogspot subdomain, then you may need to wait for 6 months to monetize your blog.

Google AdSense approval requirements

Google AdSense values the content, not the traffic. If you have informative content and have been submitted to the search console, your pages will be indexed on google. 

This will help you get Google AdSense Approval even if you have less traffic or no traffic.


How long does it take to get approval for google AdSense?

Since many people will be applying for Google AdSense Approval from different countries all over the world, it can be the estimated time to get approval is 3 to 4 days.

But, if you follow the above checklists, then you can get approval more quickly.

Adsense Approval in 1 Day

Let me clear you a fact. There are so many articles and videos that say to get AdSense approval within a day.

But, understand the fact. It is not possible to get AdSense approval within a day.

Purchasing a domain, publishing 20 articles, applying for approval, and getting the approval within 1 day is a daydream only.

You can get Google AdSense approval in 1 day.

But, all you need to do is work for a month. Writing the article regularly following the above checklist. Submitting it to the google webmaster.

And after a month you can apply for Google AdSense approval. Now, you can get Google AdSense approval within 1 day.

How to get AdSense Approval for Lyrics Website?

Getting AdSense approval for the lyrics website can be difficult. Since Google prefers unique content, you can try publishing lyrics of multiple genres, categories, and niches.

You can write lyrics for songs that are not focused on the already ranking high authority lyrics website.

Also, you can write the lyrics of the song as soon as it gets published on YouTube. You better try subscribing the music channels like T-series, Music Nepal, etc.

How to get AdSense Approval on a Job Website?

Also, writing a unique job post is a little bit difficult.

But, you can write jobs that are not focused on the main competitive job websites. You can write jobs article in your local area.

Also, you can get job information from Facebook pages and groups. Google Adsense approval for the new site is never any rocket science. It is just to be genuine.

Some of my friends asked me whether there is any Google Adsense approval checker. But you do not need to worry. Follow the tips mentioned in this article. It is sufficient for you to get easy google Adsense approval and make money online.

Google Adsense Cost

Some people are asking about how much does google Adsense costs. I also found you are confused on does google Adsense cost money? No, it does not cost any money. It gives money, it does not cost any money. So, it can be an online method to make money without any investment.

Never ever buy Adsense approved account. This can create legal issues as well. Also, why should you buy an Adsense account when you can get it free of cost when you focus on a few points to get google adsense approval.

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Google AdSense Revenue Optimization

After getting AdSense approval, you should also focus on the revenue optimization of your website.

Sometimes, getting traffic to the same content from different keywords can get you a high CPC.

Also, if you are targeting visitors from the countries like Nepal, India, and Pakistan, then it is obvious that you will be getting low CPC.

But, if you are getting a visitor from the countries like USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, etc., then you will get a higher CPC.

Even the same traffic can get you different money for you. You can optimize your keywords for the people of India, the USA, Nepal, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Poland, etc.

Google Keyword Planner can help you to understand how people from different countries are searching for content on google.

Google Adsense Disapproved

There are multiple reasons to be your AdSense disapproved. It does not mean you can not get approval in the coming days. You get multiple reasons for rejecting your google Adsense account.

You get different kinds of a message from Google when they reject your AdSense approval. These messages can be:

  • Insufficient Content
  • No Content
  • Copyrighted material
  • We found some policy violations on your site
  • The site does not comply with Google Policies
  • Valuable Inventory: Scraped content
  • Site down or unavailable
  • Unsupported language
  • Site Under Construction
  • You already have an Adsense account

These were the most common issues due to which you can get your AdSense account rejected. All these issues can be easily fixed by following the checklist that I have mentioned above.

But, to solve You already have an Adsense account, you must delete the previous account or you should apply with another google account with your parent’s name, brother’s name, sister’s name, or anyone from your family.

Because you have to later verify your account with citizenship. Also, you have to receive payment from google. So, you can use your family members’ google accounts.

Or, you can remove your previous account and make a new one.

Let’s see, what Google says about Adsense account rejection.

SEO Optimize the article

Also, you can follow the guide to Search Engine Optimizing to get more traffic. You get traffic to your site from each keyword used in headings, images, infographics, etc.

Some users try to get millions of traffic even if the CPC is low.

It is because if you get 1, 000, 000  Visitors per month and a CPC of $0.5. As per research 1.94% of people who come through google search click on the ads.

It means you have 19400 Clicks per month.

Now, your monthly revenue is 19400 X 0.5 is equal to $9700 per month.

FAQs about Google Adsense Approval

  • Can I get Adsense approval in 1 day?

    Yes. You can get google AdSense approval in 1 day. You have to work for a month to get approval in 1 day. If you have unique and genuine content on your custom domain website, then you can get easy Adsense approval within a single day when you apply after a month.

  • How to get AdSense Approval on a Job Website?

    You can write jobs that are not focused on the main competitive job websites. You can write jobs article in your local area. Your content should have a length of about 1.5K words.

  • What is the minimum traffic requirement to get google AdSense approval?

    Google AdSense values the content, not the traffic. If you have informative content and have been submitted to the search console, your pages will be indexed on google. You can get AdSense approval even if you do have not any traffic to your site. But it is better to apply for google Adsense when having at least about 1K traffic per month.

  • How to get Google AdSense approval in 1 minute?

    Google AdSense Approval is not such a big issue when you do genuine work. I also had a problem getting quick AdSense approval in the beginning but now I have multiple websites approved by AdSense. Here is a trick to get Google Adsense Approval in 1 minute.


From my experience and knowledge, getting Google AdSense approval is never a big task. All it needs to be genuine and the intent should be helping people in a good way.

Also, you should be able to understand your target audience since you get different money for the same content when you have a visitor from different countries.

My suggestion is to do the proper keyword research because there are many keywords that can give you $100 per click and more than that as well.

Writing helpful content and making money; both are important. Focus on that.

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