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What Is Adsense Youtube ? – Many people these days are interested on making money from home using computer and internet.

I also have keen interest on it. Thats why I have been writing articles and making video contents.

When it comes about making money on the internet, we think about the companies and the trust on it.

What Is Adsense Youtube

So, the company should be trusted and also receiving payment has to be easy in our area. There are multiple companies that pay for multiple thing but receiving payment is very difficult and your all the effort of making money online on the internet goes waste.

Now, here it comes, Google. The most popular internet company which is available in your own national languages. Why not make money from google.

Google Adsense is the company that allows advertisers to advertise their ads on targeted audience. Also, it allows publishers to publish ads on their content and make money from it.

Now, You should be clear that Google Adsense allows you to make money in multiple ways.

If you own any website, then the adsense approval is one kind.

When you are making videos on youtube, then here is another way of monetizing the video.

What is Adsense Youtube?

Adsense allows the youtube users to make money from their videos. Few years ago, it was very easy to monetize the video content on youtube.

But, it disappointed the advertisers of youtube.

Due to this, youtube has to make some changes on its monetization policy to create a filter between genuine content creators.

So, Youtube updated its monetization policy.

Youtube Monetization Eligibility

  • 1,ooo Subscribers
  • 4,000 Watch Time Hours on 12 month

Your youtube channel should get 1,000 subscribers. This should make you 4,ooo hours watch time from the videos on your youtube channel on 12 months time.

If you meet this requirement, then your youtube channel will be monetised by Google Adsense.

But, here I am talking about the genuine work only. If you create your own content, then only your youtube video will be monetized.

There are some cases where people are downloading movies and uploading it on their channel with other title.

This is illegal. This can also lead you to some legal actions as it belongs to piracy.

Create videos for youtube

There are multiple ways you can create videos for youtube. You can create screen recording tutorial videos, face cam videos, roasting videos, comedy, dance tutorial, cover songs, cover videos, etc.

There are multiple video editing softwares you can use to edit videos for youtube.

  • Camtasia Studio
  • Wondershare Filmora
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Cyberlink Power Director
  • Final Cut Pro

How much does Adsense Pay On Youtube?

It depends on the countries from which you are getting traffic.
If you get traffic from USA, then you will definitely be paid high amount.

How many views do you need to get Adsense on Youtube?

You need to get 4000 hours watch time on your youtube channel in 12 months to get Adsense on Youtube.

How do I enable Adsense on Youtube?

You must meet the Adsense monetization eligibility for youtube. Then only you will be able to enable Adsense on Youtube.

How much is 1m views on Youtube worth?

Only views on youtube is worthless. People these days use Ad blocker to watch videos.

In that case, even if you get millions views on your youtube video and no ad clicks or impression, then you will make 0$.

Do you need 1000 subscribers on Youtube to get paid?

Yes. You need 1000 subscribers on youtube.
Also, you need 400 hours watch time on 12 months to enable monetization and get paid.

How long does it take to get 4000 watch hours on Youtube?

You can get it on 12 months easily if you genuinely create content and be regular.

Do Youtubers get paid if you skip the ads?

Do. Adsense only pays when there is Ads impression or Ads click only.

Can I watch my own youtube video to get 4000 watch hours?

No. You can not keep watching your own videos to get 4000 hours watchtime.
This will lead to policy voilation and you may get strike on your youtube channel.

Why do Youtubers ask for like?

The like button on youtube helps in user engagement. It motivates the content creators and create more related contents for users.

Do you get paid every month on Youtube?

The minimum payment threshold of Adsense is 100$. If you reach the payment threshold every month, then you can request payment every month.

Do youtubers get paid for likes or views?

No. Youtubers are not get paid for likes or views. They are paid for Ads impression and clicks only.

How do youtubers get paid?

Youtubers can request for cheque or direct wire transfer the amount to your bank account as well.

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