Make Money Online 100 USD Per Day


Make Money Online 100 USD per day – Yes it is possible to make $100 per day. The popular most trusted internet giant company Google pays more than $100 for the single click on ads on your content.

Read this complete article to understand how to make money online 100 USD per day.

Google has multiple products and services. They invest in multiple things.

So, when we talk about making money online, we always remember Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is the advertising platform for Google. Here it has the advertisers and publishers.

The advertisers set the keywords to promote their content and the publishers targeting the keyword will be able to display their advertisement though the Google Adsense ad codes.

Make Money Online With Google

You can make money online with Google. You can do it in two ways which either from youtube, blog or website.

You have to connect your youtube and website with Google Adsense.

In youtube, you should upload your own videos and fulfill the requirement of youtube video monetization. The requirement is to have 10,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours minutes watch time in your youtube channel within 12 months.

On the website, you can apply for Google Adsense within the day you create a website. But, you can follow the tried and tested method to get Google Adsense approval.

Make $100 per day with Google on website

First of all, let’s understand how Google Adsense works.

The advertisers bid on certain keywords. That is they are bidding $0.01 for some keyword whereas some are bidding more than $1000 on a certain keyword.

So, we need to be very clear about selecting a keyword.

The selection of keyword websites, niche, and the audience country affects your income from website and youtube.

Here is the screenshot from the tool Ubersuggest by Neil Patel.

Make Money Online 100 USD Per Day,
Make Money Online 100 USD Per Day,

You can see the CPC of more than $1000 with the volume 10 searches per month. Similarly, there is another keyword with 135,000 searches per month with CPC $17.46.

make money online high searches keyword -

Hence, it depends on you. Either you choose the High CPC keyword or High Volume Traffic.

Sometimes, $5 CPC can get you $100 per day if it has large traffic potential. Even if you get 20 clicks with that keyword, you make $100 in a single day. Similarly, the use of proper keywords can earn money online 500 per day.

Make $100 per day with Google on youtube

Making videos on youtube is not an easy job. You have to focus on multiple things while making videos.

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But, getting views is easier on youtube than getting a visitor on your website.

Make Money Online As A College Student

Yes. Do you know what, College students are making more than $100 per day online?

Basically, you can make money online in the following ways but read this complete article as it is written for you.

  • Blogging
  • Youtube
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Freelancing (Singing, Speaking, Designing Logo, Wishing a Happy Birthday)
  • Social Media Influencer (Facebook Page, Instagram)

Make Money Online Right Now

Make money online right now is never possible. You need effort and smart work to make money online.

If you want to make money online right now, then you are not suitable for it.

Earn Money Online and Transfer To A Bank Account

The amount you have earned through Google Adsense can be easily transferred to any bank account all over the world.

So, getting the payment from Google Adsense is easier than any other service.

Make Money Online Without Investment

Make money online without investment is never possible. You have to invest your knowledge, time, dedication and some amount as well. Whereas you can make money online without investing any money.

You can use different services, online platforms, and social media to make money without investment that is Make money online zero investment.

Make Money Through Facebook

Facebook is the most popular website in the world and the number one social media. It has all kinds of audiences from all over the world.

Since Facebook has a high engaging audience, you can make money from Facebook.

The most important thing is to have an audience. You must create a huge audience on your Facebook page and keep them engaging through varieties of the post.

You can be a niche-specific so that people remember your name when they talk about the topic of that niche.

Creating a Facebook page is free of cost and all you need is to create an audience.

You can make money from Facebook in the following ways.

  • Instant Article
  • Audience Network
  • Sponsored Post
  • Affiliate Marketing

Facebook Instant Article Earning

Facebook also the monetizing platform for the creators. We create different text contents in our blog which can be monetized through the Facebook instant article.

You need a blog or website with a custom domain for this. You need to add your website to the Facebook publishing tool.

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Also, the instant article has some requirements to monetize the content. A few years ago, it was easy to get approval on Facebook. But due to the huge Facebook pages and quality issues, Facebook changed its policy.

Facebook Video Monetization

There are multiple pages on which you watch different kinds of motivational videos, comedy videos, songs, etc. These videos can be monetized through the Audience Network of Facebook which allows you to monetize the video contents on your Facebook page.

Facebook Sponsored Post

Once, you have a targeted audience, then you can charge for posting the links of other websites.

I have seen many movies want to publish their movie promotion on multiple Facebook pages. Such a Facebook page charges a certain amount to publish the link, text, images, videos or any kind of content.

This is called the sponsored post.

Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

Similarly, some of the pages can be monetized with affiliate marketing. These days, online shopping is increasing all over the world.

If you are niche-oriented then you find the eCommerce platform related to the niche.

If not amazon is available all over the world. You can promote the amazon links on Facebook to make money only without zero investment.

Make Money Online Quick Reddit

Reddit is a different kind of platforms and it can be difficult for some users to understand what it is about.

In Reddit, you can find multiple subreddits on multiple categories and niches. You can write your content and also read the contents by other users.

This way you can promote your website on Reddit by writing genuine content and make money from Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing.

But Reddit has a strict policy and your answer can be removed if it violates the policy.

Make Money Online Writing

Yes. You can make money online by writing. You can write for you or also write for others as well.

You can make online money if you can write. The following methods can help you make money.

  • Blog or website
  • Article Writer
  • Fiverr

Blog or website – You can create your own blog or website and make money from Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing as well.

Article Writer – You can work as an article writer for other blogs and websites.

Fiverr – You can use the freelancing sites like Fiverr, freelancer, Upwork, glance, etc. where you can get writing jobs. You can set your own charge for writing the article.

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Make Money Online Amazon

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce platform that sells products all over the world.

So, people from all over the world can help amazon sell the product and get a certain percentage of commission. This technique is called the Amazon Affiliate.

If you can make sale of Amazon products which can be any toys, clothes, books, movies, smartphones, chargers, etc. then signup to the Amazon Affiliate platform and start making a commission.

You can make sales of amazon products from Facebook, posts, pages, groups, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, Blogs, Websites, Youtube Videos, etc.

Make Money Online From Phone

Yes. You can make money from the phone as well.

You can capture good quality photos from your smartphone and upload them to the photo selling platforms like Shutterstock.

Whenever your images get downloaded, then a certain percentage of the amount will be added to your account which later you can withdraw.

I think selling photos is the best way of making money online from the phone.

Make Money Online From Home

Make money from home is not a big deal in this age of technology.

You can make money from home using so many internet platforms.

I talked to you about Facebook, blogging, freelancing, etc. These all are the best suited for working from home.

Make Money Online Easily

It’s not that it is easy or difficult. If you love doing something then its easy and if you are not fond of doing that thing, then it’s difficult and boring.

So, if you love working on computers and using different applications, then you can make money online easily.

As I have already mentioned, you can make money online easily as

  • Logo Designer
  • App Developer
  • Blog Writer
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Content Creator
  • Sponsored Post

FAQs about Online Make Money


These are the Make Money Online 100 USD Per Day ideas which are tried and tested method of thousand of people all over the world.

Many people are making money from Google Adsense, Facebook, Fiverr, Blogs, Facebook, Quora, Amazon Affiliate, Shutterstock, etc.

You can see this website as well which is monetized with Google Adsense.

If you find any good points in this article, then please do comment below.

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