Google Adsense pin verification is very important if you want to make money from Google Adsense. Many people make money from Youtube and Websites using the Adsense platform of Google.

But, people get issues with Google Adsense pin verification. In this article, I will help you solve this issue.

[How-To] Google Adsense PIN Verification -
[How-To] Google Adsense PIN Verification –

Google Adsense PIN Verification

After you get AdSense approval for your website or youtube, you start making some dollars.

When you are about to reach $10 on your Google Adsense Account, you will receive the Adsense PIN from Google Adsense. This address verification is very important for receiving payments.

The PIN will be sent to your postal address.

You must submit this code to verify your address. If you do not submit your PIN, then no ads will be shown on your website or youtube.

You will get four months’ time after the PIN is generated by Google Adsense. You should verify the PIN by this time.

But, there are multiple issues when you do not receive Google Adsense PIN and you have a problem with the PIN Verification

  • Postal Service Document Misplaced
  • Difficult geography to receive the document
  • The address provided to Adsense may be wrong

Generally, these were the normal issues for Google Adsense Pin Verification.

But, again AdSense has a solution for this.

One PIN can take up to 4 weeks to arrive in the postal office you have mentioned. Wait for the time and visit the post office. Check whether the PIN has arrived or not.

Again, if you do not get any PIN, then again you can request a new PIN. You can change the address if you want.

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Do Not Try Entering Random PIN. It can disable your Adsense account.

Similarly, visit the post office and search for your PIN. If you again do not receive the PIN, repeat the process by generating a new PIN from your Adsense account.

Even if you did not receive the PIN for 4th time, then you will be given another option to verify.

You can then upload your government documents and verify that it’s you working genuinely on Adsense on your website or youtube.

That’s it.

You can read the official post from google.

FAQs about Google Adsense PIN

How to verify google Adsense without a pin?

You get a PIN from Google in order to verify Google Adsense. But, in some cases, you do not receive PIN codes due to various circumstances, then you can verify your Google Adsense Account with Government issued documents like citizenship, driving license, etc.

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