[#1] Guide On How To Write An Article


How to write an article is an informative article for you to understand and help you write a good article. You can take this article as an example.

If you are a student, professional or blog writer, then you must have good writing skills. The skill of writing a good article can make money for you.


Why Should You Write An Article?

The purpose of writing an article is different for different people. But, this is also the way to show your knowledge in the forms of texts.

You might have studied various novels or heard the speeches. They use very simple language but they tell all the information required.

Also, you might have written an essay in your school, then it is very easy for you. You can write an article on any topic.

Writing an article

Before you begin writing an article on any topic, you have done the research. The more research you do, the more productive your article becomes.

You should form an idea bout what kinds of informative articles you are going to write. It can be news, editorial, how-to, blog post, profile, etc.

Your article should be based on facts and figures. You must use the statistics and references from trusted websites and resources.

The article should fulfill the user intent.

News: These kinds of the article should have facts and references. These are related to present stories. This should answer the Wh questions; Who, What, Where, When, Why and How.

Also, you need to include the image for the news.

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Editorial: These kinds of writing are very creative. This is the same peace of article you write for blogs and news. But, this has to be very digestive. You can not use any random words and sentences that can affect people, subjects or any issues you write on the editorial. The editorial article can be written about a person, recent trending news, social issues, etc.

This can have an image but it is not mandatory. It is mainly focused on the information.

How-to: This is the article where you should write step by step guide to do something. The language should be very simple. Since these kinds of article have beginner users, the steps should be very clear. The intent of this article is to help users complete any task.

It must have step by step images. It has a number of images in every step. It helps the user to understand either from the text, image or video.

Blog Post: Blog post is written for blogs or websites. These kinds of articles are focused as per the keywords. Before writing any blog post, you should do keyword researching as well. It is because the blog has an online audience and you should focus on what people are searching on the internet to read the article. The use of keyword helps in search engine optimizing. Also, you can make money from Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing as well.

While writing a good article for the blog, you must include multimedia like images, videos, infographics and more.

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How to write an article quickly

You can write an article quickly.

There are multiple resources through which you can get easy and quick information.

But, you can copy the content from any sources. It is the digital property and they do have their right for their content.

So, you can read the information, use it as a reference and write it on your own simple language. But, you should always remember to include facts and figures from genuine resources.

Trusted Resource

  • National and international Newspapers
  • Experts of the topic
  • government websites
  • University Website
  • Journals
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