Which blogger makes the most money?


Which blogger makes the most money is a common question among bloggers and online content writers. In this article, you will understand how they make money and how can your money as well.

Which blogger makes the most money - www.GoNewsOn.com
Which blogger makes the most money – www.GoNewsOn.com

What Does Blogger Mean?

Blogger is the person who writes the blog. Basically a blog is a daily activity you do is kept on the internet. You can do blogging free as well as paid.

Mostly, people create blogs for making brand, they want to be an influencer. Also, some people start blogging to make money from Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing. Also, they can make money from Sponsorship as well.

Which blogger makes the most money?

As I already said above, there are multiple ways to monetize any blog or website. It also depends on how the blog is monetized.

If a blog is monetized with Google Adsense, then the earning of the blog depends on the niche and the keyword used in the article. If you have the traffic from countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan, etc, then you get very low CPC. Whereas if you have traffic from countries like USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Canada, etc. then you can get more money even if your traffic is very less.

The following niche blog makes more money as Google Adsense has high CPC on those topics.

  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Law
  • Real Estate
  • Travel
  • Health
  • Yoga
  • Food
  • Fitness

But, if you do not have any blogs on the above niche, you can find the High CPC keyword of your niche and write an article.

If a blog is monetized with affiliate marketing, then they make money as per the sales made through their link.

Also, when a blog is monetized with sponsorship, then the amount depends on the agreement between parties.

So, as per the above cases, we can find out what money actually a blog is making.

FAQs about blogging queries

Which blogger makes the most money?

It depends on how the blog is monetised. It can be Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing or Sponsorship. So, we can not say exactly, the blogger is making this much amount.

What types of blogs tend to generate money?

For the blogs monetised with Google Adsense, the following niche blogs can make more money:
1. Finance
2. Insurance
3. Law
4. Real Estate
5. Travel
6. Health
7. Yoga
8. Food
9. Fitness

How can one make money starting a blog?

Anyone can make money from blogging. If you have a genuine blog and do not promote any illegal activity, then you can make money starting a blog with Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing and Sponsorship.

Which is better for making money – a blog or website?

You can use as per your choice. You can make better earnings in blog and website both.

How much money can people earn from blogging?

You can make unlimited money from blogging. There are many High CPC keywords. Even the same thing with another keyword can get you more money.

There is no limit of earnings on blogging. Even a single click can get you more than $100.

How long does it take to make money on a blog?

It depends on the niche of your blog. If you are targeting the niche make money, then there are already multiple high authority trusted website and blogs. You should find out new ideas and topics and starting writing blogs. This way you can easily rank on search engine and make money.

Is it possible to make money with the use of a blog?

Obviously. The genuine blog with unique content can make money from affiliate marketing, google adsense and sponsorship.

Will I earn money if I start a health blog? What is the scope?

Yes. You can obviously make money from health blog. Health is also a vague topic. You can further go to the specific topis like skin care, hair care, halthy fruits, etc. CHoose the sub topics which also has some traffic as well.
This way you will have no competition and also make position on search engine as well.


If you do not have any blog, then do create now. The blog is a passive income source for thousands of people. Also, many people have made blogging a fulltime job and started their own company.

You might have a question regarding Which blogger makes the most money, then it is not sure which make the more.


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