#1 [BOOST] Hosting An Ecommerce Website

Hosting An Ecommerce WebsiteEcommerce websites are very popular these days and every day youths are coming up with new startup ideas. But, when they miss some points during their starting period, they have to bear loss of thousands of dollars in maintaining their product or services live on the internet.

You need be understand some specific factors to prevents the mistakes in web hosting your ecommerce websites.

Hosting An Ecommerce Website
Hosting An Ecommerce Website

What is hosting?

You must keep your files on the internet to be accessible through the internet. The task of uploading your files on the server space so that that people can access through the internet is known as hosting.

Hosting is also categorized in multiple sections. The hosting companies provide the multiple hosting packages so that you can choose a suitable package and upgrade it later.

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Checklist For Hosting An Ecommerce Website

  1. Website Speed
  2. Security
  3. Downtime
  4. Traffic
  5. Encryption
  6. File Size
  7. Back Up
  8. Package limitations

1. Website Speed

The speed of any website is very important. When talking about any eCommerce site, then it becomes the crucial factor in your business.

According to the Bluecorona, the page should load under two seconds in case of any ecommerce website.


If you already have hosted website, then you can check the website speed in following website:

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2. Security

When you are connected to the internet, it means you are vulnerable. The people from all over the world can access your service. You enter into the global village.

But, there are some bad people who always tend to get access to your site and get benefit from it.

Thats why you yourselves have to prepared from this.

We can not be 100% secured in this scenario but we can maintain higher level of security.

So, you also have to add SSL and firewall security to protect your account.

Also, you may need to understand multiple policies to maintain a strict firewall security for the attackers.

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3. Downtime

Multiple Hosting provider companies have to upgrade their service due to security and their business requirement.

During such case, they might need more time to maintain their service and be live. In that case, your website also get down and it is unavailable to the internet.

So, you should also understand the maintenance policy of that hosting provider. You should choose for the possible the least downtime for your website.

4. Traffic

The hosting packages has multiple features. Among them they also do provide the limited traffic to your site. But, in the case of the website like eCommerce, huge number of visitors come to your site.

In such case the limited traffic can ruin the customer experience and it may be unavailable for some customers.

So, there should be the unlimited traffic to your site.

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5. Encryption

The files and the information you store in your database has to be secured.

The hosting provider can encrypt the data to protect the information. So, encryption also has to ensured by add the SSL.

6. File Size

Sometimes, you need to allow the users to upload the multiple files. In that case you should only allow the required file types of certain size to upload.

Many attackers try to upload payloads and malicious scripts through the file upload option and destroy the complete eCommerce website.

7. Back Up

Personally I love this feature of hosting provider. They provide daily back up service to your website.

You have to maintain the website in multiple ways.

You may need to add subdomains, make changes in the look of your website and many activities has to be performed for better user experience.

In such case, the website may get technical errors. So, if you have back up, then you can easily maintain your site.

8. Package Limitations

Some of the hosting providers sell their hosting package and you have again pay complete price to upgrade to another package.

So, be very clear regarding the limitations of the packages you have purchased and the charge for upgrading the hosting package.

The genuine hosting provider allow you to begin with cheap and suitable hosting package and upgrade it later as per the requirement.

They deduct the paid amount and calculate the charge for upgrading without applying the cost as defined on the package.

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Hosting An Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce website has to secured, accessible, credible, trusty and user friendly.

You have to completely follow the checklists in order to host your ecommerce website and get free from hundreds of issues.

Hosting An Ecommerce Website In India

  • Bigrock
  • Hostinger
  • Siteground
  • A2 Hosting
  • Go Daddy
  • Bluehost

Hosting An Ecommerce Website In Nepal

  • Host Mero
  • Himalayan Host
  • Prabhu Host
  • AGM Webhosting
  • E hosting server
  • Hosting Sewa

Hosting An Ecommerce Website In Pakistan

  • Pakistan Web Host
  • Web Hosting Pakistan
  • Creativeon
  • hostndomain
  • ahcorporation
  • nexus.net
  • hosterpk
  • pakwebdeveloper
  • ihost

Hosting An Ecommerce Website In Canada

  • Hostpapa
  • web hosting canada
  • Green Geeks
  • Host Up On
  • Wp Engine

Hosting An Ecommerce Website In USA United States Of America

  • Yahoo Web Hosting
  • Go Daddy
  • Blue Host
  • 1 & 1 IONOS
  • Host Gator
  • One.com
  • Name Cheap
  • Rack Space
  • InMotionHosting
  • SiteGround



Hosting An Ecommerce Website has to fulfill the requirement like website spped, integrety, security, downtime, etc.

Please provide the genuine information to your customer. Because truth and loyalty matters the most.

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