How To Open A Blog And Earn Money

Yes. You herd it right. You can open a blog and earn money now from your home. Your question about about how to open a blog and earn money is completely answered for you.

After you read this complete article, I can say that you will have a concept to start a blog and host your website.

How To Open A Blog And Earn Money
How To Open A Blog And Earn Money

How To Open A Blog And Earn Money

Opening a blog is not any difficult task. Lets start from the begining.

Blog is the post you write on a regular basis which is arranged in the descending order. The latest post you write appears first.

Such post can be about any thing.

Either you are a student, graduate, sportsman, teacher, retired employee, male female or transgender etc. you can write a blog and earn money.

You can open a blog free of cost at or other blogging sites. But, I recommend to buy domains at less than $6. Also, you need to start a wordpress blog later when you get the idea about how blogging works and how you can make money online 100 USD per day.

Build your website!

How to open a blog for free ?

You can open a blog from the sites like,, etc. I recommend to open a blog for free at This is the platform provided by google. You can also add your purchased domain so that the blog looks professional and is trusted by the people.

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There are so many customizable blogger templates you can use to make your blog look professional.

How to earn from wordpress blog ?

You can use the wordpress platform to open a blog. All you need is to write an SEO optimised article and earn money from wordpress blog as well.

You might be wondering how to create a blog for free on wordpress but creating a free blog on wordpress is easy.

Once, your blog is ready you should use some Search Engine Optimization Tips that really works for you. You need to write amazing articles for your blog. But, these articles should be optimized so that they can be indexed on the google search.

The final step is to get google adsense approval.

People have discussed so much about google adsense and made it more difficult by themselves to get approval.

But when you write your own content regularly, I assure you that you can get google adsense approval without any tension.

How to start a wordpress blog on bluehost?

You can purchase both domain and hosting to start a wordpress blog on bluehost.

They offer you a free domain when you purchase a hosting at bluehost. However, you should start hosting with the good resources and later upgrade the features when your blog starts getting traffic from search engine.

How to create a wordpress website with bluehost?

Creating a wordpress website with bluehost is easy.

Login to your cpanel.

Go to wordpress installer and install it.

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How to make a cooking blog?

There are different types of blog you can make.

The basic thing to make a cooking blog is the domain and blog theme.

Just choose the domain name according to your cooking niche and use the theme accordingly.

How to start sports blog?

Just purchase a domain related to the sport, use the theme accordingly and start writing blog.
Thats it. You sports blog is ready. Congratulations!

How To Open A Blog And Earn Money ?

Open a blog from blogger. Start writing unique articles. Start making money from Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, etc.


How To Open A Blog And Earn Money – You can try free blogging platforms to get an overview. After you became clear how the blogging works, you can open a blog by purchasing domain and hosting. This will help you earn more money.

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