How To make auto-reply in Facebook Page?


How To make auto-reply in Facebook Page?Facebook is a huge platform to get interested customers. Your huge Facebook page followers can be converted to your customers. They are your most potential leads for your business.

You can easily create auto-reply in messenger for your Facebook page. You must be the Admin, Editor, or Moderator of a Facebook Page.

How To make auto-reply in Facebook Page

Facebook page is your digital storefront where people visit and know about your company and the services you provide.

Q. Don’t you think that whenever any visitor visits on your Facebook page, your page should greet them with their name?

I think this will definitely create an engagement with the users and you will get more leads for your business free of cost.

Why keep them waiting when you can yourself start conversion automatic through your Facebook page?

The feature in the Facebook page setting allows you to automatically chat with a predefined message with your customers.

You are away somewhere with no internet and you Facebook is chatting with your visitors and increasing sales.

Types of Automatic Reply in Facebook Messenger

Away Message – Respond to all incoming messages instantly that you are not available.

Thanks for message. We're away and can't respond at the moment. We appreciate you getting in touch.

Instant Reply – Respond to the first message instantly when someone sends your page.

Contact Information Requested – Respond to the messages that request Contact Info.

Location Requested – Respond to the messages that request the location of your business.

Page Recommended – Respond to anyone who publicly shares that they recommend your page.

Application Received – Respond to someone who applied for a job your page posted.

Hi! We’ve received your application an appreciate your interest in working for us.

9 STEPS – Step by Step guide to create automatic reply in Facebook page

Step 1 – Go to Page Setting

How To make auto-reply in Facebook Page (1)

Step 2 – Now you will see multiple tabs. Go to Messaging. You can see the various messaging settings.

How To make auto-reply in Facebook Page (2)

Step 3Enable the option Starting a Messenger Conversation. You can also customize the message. You can also mention the name of the visitor and greet them.

How To make auto-reply in Facebook Page (4)

Step 4 – Now, there is the option to set up automated responses. The actual auto-reply on the Facebook page starts here.

How To make auto-reply in Facebook Page (5)

Step 5 – Click on setup.

Step 6 – You can see various features and options of Facebook now.

Step 7 – Click on Greet People. Enable the Instant reply.

How To make auto-reply in Facebook Page (6)
How To make auto-reply in Facebook Page (7)

Step 8 – Click on Share and Get Information. Now enable the Frequently Asked Questions. There you get options to set up multiple questions with answers. Here, whenever the visitor clicks on the question, it will get an automatic reply with the answers you have set up.

How To make auto-reply in Facebook Page (8)

Step 9 – Now save. Congratulations. Your Facebook page messenger auto-reply is perfectly set up. Try sharing the Page URL with friends and wait for their response.

How To make auto-reply in Facebook Page (9)

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How do I set up an automatic reply on my Facebook page?

  1. Go to your Facebook page. Click on Setting. You can see the option in the top right corner side.
  2. Next, find the option Messaging.
  3. Enable the Instant Reply option from the setting.
  4. Now Save it.
  5. Furthermore, there is an option to add Frequently Asked Questions. There you can add a set of questions with your answers.
  6. Now save it. Enjoy.

Frequently Asked Question

How do you set up auto-reply?

1. Go to the Facebook page Setting.
2. Enable instant reply in the Message setting.
3. You can Frequently Asked Questions along with your answer.
4. Click Automated Responses in the left column.
5. Click next to Instant Reply below Greet Customers to turn instant 6. reply on.
7. To change your instant reply message, click Edit Message in the middle.
8. Update the message, then click Save in the top right.

How do you automate on Facebook Messenger?

You can automate the Facebook Messenger if you have a Facebook page. Enable the instant reply to the message setting on your page.

How do I enable messaging on my Facebook page?

To enable messaging on your Facebook, go to setting.
Under General Setting, you can see the option Messages.
Click there and enable messaging on your Facebook page.

What is a good automatic reply message?

Hi! Anil. We are glad that you recommended our page. How can I help you?

How do you automate on Facebook?

We automate Facebook on page settings. You can enable Instant Reply and start adding queries.


How To make auto-reply in Facebook Page? – The question is very important if you are running a Facebook page. You must enable the auto reply feature in your Facebook page as it increases the user engagement and can get you new business.

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