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Internet vs Intranet is a confusion to the people. Internet and Intranet are both the networks of the computer but there is some difference as well. The Internet and Intranet both need IP to work.

Internet vs Intranet - www.GoNewsOn.com
Internet vs Intranet – www.GoNewsOn.com

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The Internet is the largest network of computers. You are reading this article on your computer or mobile phone’s internet browser. It means you are accessing the internet to read it.

Similarly, you surf multiple internet sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google, etc. All these sites have been hosted on the internet.

When you are connected to the internet, your device is connected to the billions of the computer and mobile devices connected to the internet. And now you have access to all the contents on the internet hosted for the people.

Uses of the Internet

  • To share files, images, videos, audios, applications, etc. throughout the world.
  • To communicate the information.
  • To send and receive emails.
  • To research and download contents.
  • To watch videos and movies.
  • To sell and purchase products or services.


An intranet is also the network of the computer. But it is within a certain area. These networks are created on the companies to access the file within the organization.

The computer or smart devices connected to the Intranet has only access to the files hosted on the intranet. The computers on the Intranet are not available to the outside world.

You can not access websites like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, etc. from the Intranet.

Uses of Intranet

  • Share Files and Documents.
  • To communicate among the employees within the organization.
  • Secure sharing of files
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Similarities between Internet and Intranet

  • Intranet and Internet both is the network of computer.
  • All the devices connected to the internet or intranet have their IPs.
  • A computer connected over the intranet can contact another computer on its network. Also, the computer connected over the internet can contact another computer on the network.

Internet Vs Intranet

Here is the complete difference between Internet Vs Intranet. Read the comparison table given below.

Differences between Internet and Intranet

Internet Intranet
Users can access all the content hosted on the internet.Users can access only the contents hosted on Extranet.
You can not access the contents of the Intranet.You can not access the contents of the Internet.
The Internet has coverage all over the world.Intranet has coverage within the organization only.
The Internet has more risks.An intranet is safer than the internet.
Internet is regulated by the Internet Architecture Board -IAB.An intranet is regulated by the same organization.
A large number of people use the Internet.An only a limited number of users can use Intranet.
Facebook, Youtube, Google, etc. can be accessed on the Internet.Organizations Online System is accessed through Intranet

FAQs about Internet Vs Intranet


From the above comparison about Internet Vs Intranet, it should be clear that the Internet and Intranet is the network of the computer which is designed for their different use.

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