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What Is DNS Record? – DNS Records can be understood as the records configured in DNS Zones for name resolution. Further more, you will have complete concept regarding the topic on this article.

What Is DNS Record - Infograph
What Is DNS Record – Infographics

What is DNS record?

Domain Names are required to access any website. But as you know human can understand the text but computer only understands the binary numbers only.

So, you need to create DNS Records to help both human and computer understand the domain we are looking for. It quickly translates the IP and Domain.

Now, we have to create multiple DNS Zones.

There are multiple DNS Records.

A Record

A Records are created when you want to create subdomains. It points the domains or the subdomains you have created to the specific IP. When you have a single custom domain, then you can create multiple subdomains and run multiple websites.

Lets take an example.

The Indian Express News has multiple subdomains for its multiple language news website.

CNAME – Canonical Name

If you want to create a subdomain and link to Google Blogger hosting, then use can use CNAME (Canonical Name) Records.

It point to, to and to

Here, the record to is resolved within the same server including or excluding www. to has been used for the alternative to host your emails.

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Finally, the record pointing to allows you to use the custom domain in your blog.

MX Entry

MX Entry is the pointor for email server. It directs email to a particular mail server as you have choosed. MX Entry does not point to any IP. It always points to the domain.

TXT Records

TXT Records are the human readable information. If you are a blogger, then you might have heard about Google and Bing Verification.

During that time, Google and Bing Provide a Information in the format of Text. You can just copy that and paste and TXT Records in the DNS Zone.

Now save the text and click on verify.

You might have also seen that Verify the Ownership. You can save the information and click on Verify on the search engine webmaster.

SRV Records

Using the SRV records, you can point one domain to another domain. Here, you have to use a specific destination Port.

This service allows you the specific service like IM or VOIP and direct to a separate location.

You have to add the following records in DNS Zone:

  • Service : _xmpp-server
  • Protocol: _tcp
  • Host: Chat (Chat is your subdomain here. You can add@ for the root domain)
  • TTL: 14400
  • Type: SRV
  • Priority: 5
  • Weight: 0
  • Points To:

AAA Record

AAA record and A Record functions same. Here, A record supports the IPV4 whereas AAA Records supports IPV6.


Zone File

This is the place where you can see all the DNS Records and manage them.

Host Record

The domains and subdomains are stored as host records. You might see the symbol @ which means it is pointed to the domain itself.

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Points To

Points to means that the domain, subdomain or the information is directed to the IP.

TTL (Time To Live)

This is the time period during which the DNS Server stores the cache of the record.


It allows you to perform operations like add, remove, modify the records in DNS Zone.


It controls the order in which these multiple records are used. It groups the records with same priority value.


It is the door for the computers to process the specific service to ensuring the traffic comes through the exact expected door.


Target by its name is a destination. You send the record to a destination which go through the certain traffic.

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