Updated What is a Client-Server Computer?

What is a Client-Server Computer? – You might be familiar with the server down. You might want to apply for the Driving License and the website says the server is down.

Not only this. But there are various kinds of servers and some of them you can create in your own home using your own smartphone and Laptop computers.

What is a Client-Server Computer

What is a Client-Server Computer?

Client-Server Computer is actually the computers where one sends the request and another send replies according to the request.

The Client-Server Model or Architecture of Web Applications is very popular. You see websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. They work on the Client-Server Architecture.

Here, we use the computer to log in to Facebook. Since we are requesting Facebook to log in to our account, we are using a client computer.

Whereas, the request goes to the server of Facebook, performs the validation and if the user is authenticated, then it replies to our request as the homepage of our Facebook account.

So, everything that we access either contents or services have to be stored or created on any space then only we can access it.

This way all online websites and services run their service. For that such companies have multiple high capacity servers along with their data centers.

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Server Computer Definition

Server Computer is the computer which is designed particularly to serve the request of client computers. They do have different hardware and software configurations. You can not use pirated software, play games, etc. on the server computer as it contains sensitive data and service.

Server computer creates multiple service and allows people to access it.

Once you create these servers, you can access it from multiple devices using the internet.

Client Computer Definition

By the term Client, you must be familiar that whoever uses the service, they are the client. So, since, we use the services of Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. we are the client.

The client computers are computers where we play games, use social media, do assignments, make presentations, create digital arts, compose music, etc. Client computers are used to do multiple things.

Server vs Client Computer

Comparison of Server Computer and Client Computer

The computer configured with special settings to create service.The computer used to access the services from the server.
They have high capacity hardware as they have to handle multiple client Computers.They can have simple hardware.
They can be used to control the computers in the network.They can be used to do assignments, make presentations, design logo, print documents, etc.
They use a server operating system like Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 200, etc.They use operating system like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, etc.
They are dedicated and only perform their task.You can use multiple software programs to work on it.
Comparison table between Server Computer and Client Computer

Server Computer Examples

You can create multiple types of server.

  • File Server
  • Image Server
  • FTP Server
  • Hosting Server
  • Games Server
  • Movie Server
  • Database Server
  • Cloud Server
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Server Computer Configuration

For learning purposes, you can install and create server computer configuration. The mostly seen server computer configuration is Domain and Workspace. The organization with multiple computers uses it to control all computer.

How to Install Windows Server 2016 on Vmware Workstation

You can also create a virtual computer using the softwares called VMWare. It allows you to create multiple virtual computers where you can install multiple clients and server computer.

Here, you can use software like Windows 8, Windows 10, etc. on the client computer. To create a server computer, you should install Windows Server Operating System.

  • server computer network
  • server computer dell
  • server computer hp

Server Computer Uses

The uses of the server are more and you can create your own to make things easier. You can use these servers as File Server, Database Server, Print Server, and many more.

You might have used SHARE IT to share files to mobiles or computers. This creates a server and allows you to easily share files.

Lets, get into some more uses of server.

Server for Computer Lab

Computer Labs are set up in educational institutes and training centers. You can control all these computers from a single computer which is the Domain of the network.

Here, all the computers are in-network. These are connected and controlled by the Domain.

Here, some computers can have admin access where are some can have only users access which can not print the documents, download files, etc.

These permission are managed by the admin.

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Server Computer for Small Business

Small businesses can also use server computers. If you have more employees and they do their work on computers, then you can control them using server technology.

This way you can also monitor their performance.

Server Computer for sale

You can sell these computers as a business as well. You can suggest the companies for better server specs and help them install it to get higher performance. Your custom-created specs can help the client get rid of unnecessary high-performance servers.

Server Computer for Gaming

These days multiple games with server technology have been loved by the people. These games can be played by multiple people making their own team.

Once, the server is created, people can play the game locally or globally. This the gaming experience of the people has been extremely increased.

The concept of PUBG, Counter-Strike, etc. has integrated the idea of playing together using server technologies.

Server computer for Minecraft

Minecraft is also a popular game in which people love playing whenever they got time. You can use a server computer for Minecraft as well.

How to setup server computer


What is a Client-Server Computer? – It should be clear that Server can be a hardware server or software server. You can create simple server using multiple softwares.

But, for the dedicated server computer, you need to have a high dedicated hardware configuration and server operating system.

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