[How To] Backup With Google Drive

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Backup with google drive is a must-know tip for you. This helps to save a lot of storage and also is accessible to any device through the internet.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is not the alternate of Hard Drive. However, you can store multiple file-formats on Google Drive.

You can access Google Drive with the Google Account. Basically, Gmail is the google account that is accepted by multiple platforms of Google.

This online backup service helps you get rid of searching the important files. You can just upload it and is accessible from any device by logging into your Google account.

I personally use it to store my assignments, government documents, and certificates.

Back-Up with Google Drive

To back up your files on Google Drive, you should go to Google Drive in your internet browser.

You can log in to the Google Drive account with your Gmail account.

Now, you can create folders, files and upload the contents on Google Drive.

You get a limited storage of 15GB for free. You can purchase more storage. But, 15GB storage can also be managed by removing the less important files from the storage.

This is a manual process. You have to download the files to edit them and again upload it.

But, you can automatically sync the files you edited, deleted or any updates you made on your Google Drive.

For that, you should use the application backup and sync from Google.

[How To] Backup With Google Drive - www.GoNewsOn.com
[How To] Backup With Google Drive – www.GoNewsOn.com

Backup and Sync from Google

This is a very important software. It allows you to sync the data from Google Drive and also upload data to the drive as well.

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It keeps on background sync and your file is available to any device through the internet.

Download back and sync from Google.

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