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The Unwritten Story

At dusk, a truck was accelerating along the eastbound highway.

As the birds begin to chill, my day also begins. And I used to scoot to tell the news on the radio. In the morning, events are not sharp, even news!

That truck brought news for me that I never wrote about.

Suddenly the door to the left of the truck opens. The driver was trying to push a woman out of the open door. The woman survived the hit.

The Unwritten Story - GoNewsOn - www.GoNewsOn
The Unwritten Story – GoNewsOn – www.GoNewsOn

This scene was suddenly before my eyes. I slowed down my pace. The truck was also slowing down.

The woman drove by the truck until I got closer to the truck.

The door was slow and the truck was gone.

I am stuck I have been reading the news of rape cases daily.

Are these young women not the same victims?

Scared I got close to her.

She got up straight from the floor as if she were accustomed to lying down.

I was breathless, thank goodness.

He had bruises all over his face. The clothes on the body were torn. Do you know for sure whether the man in the truck raped the girl? Remembering that, my heart started to move.

“What happened, Benny? Who was in the truck? What did you do?” I asked a lot of questions in one breath.

But she didn’t answer any questions.

Looking at my face.

And she said, ‘My sister was sleeping alone. If he falls down, he will fall from the bed. Please let me get home before that. ‘

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In the meantime came Micro to go to Inaruwa from Itahari. Even though he reduced the speed, he did not see any adjustments. I gave a hand to stop but did not stop. On the contrary, the co-operative loudly said, “They are like this.

It was amazing to hear him. I reminded myself that she was a grown man in our society who did not listen to women. I didn’t have time to listen to him.

I told the young woman, ‘You should say that you are in the tent when I get to the camp.’

She said ‘yes’.

‘It’s my husband who’s throwing me in the truck,’ she said as she rode my scooty, ‘I have a baby. He falls or what. Would you rather go soon? ‘

As a mother myself, my heart melted when I talked to my baby. Being a stranger, he was afraid to settle down in his scooty.

But Maya won.

He ran scooty in the direction he had been to.

As soon as Scooty stopped, he collapsed. Laughing, she opened her door. Just like he said, a 6-month-old baby was lying on the floor, unable to return to Colte.

He took his son in his arms and stuck him in his chest and kissed him. And tears fell from her eyes.

“If you had not met him, he would not have met this boy again,” she said, “the sinner almost killed me, threw me off the truck.”

The head luggage in the room was affected.

‘We have been married for two years,’ she told her story.

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In the beginning, they lived together. After staying in her room for several days, she tells her husband to take her home.

‘When I told him to take me home,’ his eyes were filled, ‘and then I realized I was his second wife.’

When the baby came in her stomach, the husband was away. In the room also come first day and then after a long time. He started to get angry. Raise your hand when angry. And began to like her.

‘He used to come sometimes. Used to like me when I arrived. The pain of this baby started pushing me to take her home, ‘she said,’ because you take home the law threatens you to go to jail. Even then I will not get angry and beat. ‘

He had come a long time later that day. Beaten rather than leave. There were blue spots in his eyes. She was also saying – this is a normal wound.

‘When this son was in his stomach for six months, he killed me in the pool. Thankfully she lived, ‘she said,’ and I was silent for a long time thinking that fate was the same. ‘ Yesterday, she recalled her son’s future and told to take her home. ‘

She has nowhere to express her grief. The parents are angry because he married her. On the contrary, police demanded that the police impose polygamy on them.

That morning when she was doing something a little forced.

“I had to go home this morning, otherwise I would have jumped in Koshi and got in his truck,” she said, “at that moment I forgot my son. I remember the paralysis on the floor. ‘

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Her son was laughing while playing in her arms.

“You should not tolerate such violence,” I said, “file a complaint with the police.”

She called for a while.


‘Don’t know now. I will do the same again next time. Then tell you, ‘she said and asked for my number.

I advised her not to have to endure such a thing again.

And came back.

His phone never came back. A few days later, I called myself. No call. But my mind was troubled by his condition.

After a long time I went looking for her home. She called me first.

She said, “Oh sister, you’re lost.”

His room was not as comfortable as before. Filled with luggage. Decorated with chittic.

“What is the news?” I think so. I knew her only after seeing her. Because there were no bruises on his face. There was no pain.

He first told the story after I left.

After a week, her husband came into the room. He tells how he lived.

‘You despised me very much. The journalist sister saved me. I understand everything, ‘she says,’ you got me out of the truck

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