Daughter – Princes of Mom

Daughter – Princes of Mom

‘Where is it even easier to wear them all’ and, on what shoulder is the saddle? “At home, on the right shoulder, whispering to yourself, mixing the blue sari on the left shoulder. Blouse sleeves are narrow.

Appears coercive. Hair? The problem gets worse All the shoulder straps are carried on the head. The quiet light of the dimly lit candle chokes the room. He looks at himself in the mirror of the drawer. His own shadow pierces him.

Removes makeup kit from the drawer. The cream with a sharp riff is applied to the face. Pink lipstick rubs two lips down. The lipstick tastes sweet. She seems to have the same thick lips. The rally tugs and rolls in the eyes; A few tears fall from his eyebrows, forming a doe on the cheek. In the morning, when the tears flowing into his bearded coffin lightly shake him.

Story - GoNewsOn
Story – GoNewsOn

‘Father, I have not opened my eyes,’ says Rudhir.

‘Yes, yes, come on in a moment, don’t worry.’

There is a locking room that has been in place for years, on the second floor of that house in the central city. There are only three creatures on the floor – Swarup, Blood, and Julie – a black cat with blue eyes. And there is an audible silence even as each other breaths.

And, the sun-drenched foliage opens this evening in that mysterious closed room.

He looks up and looks at himself in the mirror again. The light of the whole is dropped. Adjusts A knot is fastened to one side of the sari. He looks at the knot with an uneasy feeling. Don’t dare to open it. Instead, memories that slowly dissipate into the past troughs drift as the torrent of torrential water flows from above the shore of the rain valley. Were weeping like that, we would like to go. With his hands firmly grasped, he runs his eyes over the white screen of the ceiling.

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‘The form will come out. Gangalal Heart Disease Center A. Positive. Immediately. ९ ८४ ९ … ० ९. ‘

The third week of April. The summer is just getting started. The blue flowers are not blotted on the roadside trees and they are bare. Waiting for the blue flower to fall off the balcony that is clearly visible from the enclosure of the house.

After the tune of Ting Ting Ting Ting’s message, Anmol opened his mobile and read the above. After the earthquake, friends opened a blood donor group. This message was from a group with over 100 affiliates.

‘Hello! I’m precious! Who are you talking about? ”Dialing the message number, Anmol asked.

‘Yes, I speak for myself.’

‘Look you yourself?’

‘Yes, you are.’ The voice was modest.

Precious Bolin.

‘I am myself. I need fresh blood. I have an operation tomorrow. I am in bed number 4 of Gangalal’s mail ward. ‘

Anayash Anmol’s eyes fell on the wall’s calendar. Today is April 7, – a day to lie.

“And there is no one around you.” Being both sensitive and impulsive brings her together.

‘Yes. Have friends You may be going to work somewhere now, ‘was sad.

A thin body half covered with thin dirt and returned to the wall. Cannula engraved on right hand. Even the sluggish, slightly sloping water is considered to be lazy to fall in. The 3 remaining drugs used in the tray. Some fruits on the table look like stale. Half a loaf of ants and a glass of boiled milk.

From No. 4 to Price Bed, this was it.

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‘Nature. Please look. ‘

The sound of thin sleep was awakened by the sweet voice of someone. He just turned his head and looked.

A thin female figure. White face Haste’s makeup. Thin fork Blue jeans and a red t-shirt. Thick hair falling to the shoulders. The lightest part of the forum.

‘Who is this?’ Asked the visitor, smiling half-heartedly.

‘I am precious. Anmol Rai Yesterday I did.

‘Hey you are you?’ He replied in a slightly surprised tone.

He slowly tried to get out of bed. Anmol stops. He fell silently on the stairs of the stairwell. Precious also did not speak. What to say

The nurse came and added a needle to the sline. Its yellow color gradually dissipated throughout the line.

Asked ‘Do you have a positive blood?’

“Yes, you are,” replied Anmol, shaking the hair on his forehead.

“Suffering.” He took a deep breath.

‘What is such a misery? This is my tenth time, ‘said the smiling granddaughter visitor.

‘Ten times? I haven’t given it yet. I’m afraid, ‘he rolled his eyes.

‘Hahaha. Scared You can expect what you give from others. ” “Oh! Needless to say now! ”

Just smiled in reply. But the effect of his answer on his face seems obvious. He feels more guilty.

Talk is over.

Looking at half-price of untouched glass of milk.

‘Why not eat milk?’ Is an excuse to break her silence.

‘Not sweet,’ is the simple answer.

‘Hey, should you eat something sweet even when you’re sick?’

The answer stuck inside his closed lips.

Anmol raised a glass of milk and poured it on her lips immediately. Like a wise child, milk swallows. Kneeling She cut off the apple of the table and put a piece in her mouth. Often played in the mouth and swallowed. Silence.

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“Hey man, how are you?” As the evening began to fall, someone came up like a whirlwind. Maybe a friend of sorts.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Man, it’s late. A h

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