Sorry Bindu :(

Sorry Bindu 🙁

My two years of love with the Akash went on. In that interval we have become like a wife. Only legality was left. Shortly afterward, I became pregnant. About the state of the Akash, the Akash said, ‘This baby is my baby. I accept it. ‘

It took more comfort than the Akash. Initially, I had a great deal of doubt as to whether the Akash would accept the baby in its womb.

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The Akash also said for the sake of reminding me, ‘If this baby is born then I will name it Kiran because I love the name Kiran.’

Hearing this from my boyfriend, I rubbed a loving hand on my stomach. I was proud of my creation and I was convinced that a pinch of heaven would cover that sin even if the world had sinned.

Time is running out Here the baby was growing in the stomach. The world was searching for the baby’s father’s identity. Upon learning of the baby, Akash’s family did not want to be adopted as his children. Due to racial disparity, the Akash became useless when it came to the position that the belly baby was not accepted from the family of Akash and said, ‘Sorry, I’m sorry. I cannot go against my family. The baby in your belly is yours, not mine. ‘

I was shocked to hear such a decision from heaven, the last resort of life. When I couldn’t bear it, I cried out in anger – so who is this baby? Am I … Every night a man’s body changes. I’m your only girlfriend. ‘

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‘What proof do you have? There are thousands of husbands in this city. If everyone says his father is his father? ‘The Akash spoke to me in a language of threat.

There was something left in my mouth – ‘What is that night?’

‘I’ve been in love with you for two years. We spent seven hundred and thirty nights in that period. ‘

When I couldn’t hear the voice of the Akash, I was staring at the floor. Sadly, the Akash is trying to make an important night unimportant, with seven hundred and thirty-nine nights. I had abandoned all dreams for the Akash. I said in a rage at the Akash, ‘If this kid doesn’t feel like you and has any doubts, kick him in the crook. If there is no gardener, what does that flower entail? ‘

The Akash gladly accepted the challenge of a weak woman like me and kicked my stomach.

I was stunned by the shock of the Akash.

At the hospital, my stomach was lukewarm. There the dreamer of the flower, withered, was withered.

Time is running out

In my life, a man suffered from a sore throat. Because of that slander, I never wanted to paint in the winter. I remained single.

Akash married a young woman of his choice shortly after the incident. After marriage, the family moved to Pokhara. Then, due to the geographical distance of Pokhara and Kathmandu, we never met. I have no idea about the Akash anymore.

Twenty years later

Last Saturday, as I was going to worship at Pashupati’s temple, I was struck by the Akash. Akash came with his wife and son. He pierced my path and spoke in a shameful language, ‘There are no grandchildren, no sleepers, and no sindoor. Not married yet and yours? Or do you live now? After a good laugh, he again pointed to his son – this is my son. Look, son, I am just as fiery! ‘

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He spoke proudly in front of his son. I was silent for a moment but after realizing that I was being wronged, I threw the weak woman inside me and said, ‘Imagine if the ray, if it were on the ground, could have gone further!’ ‘Who’s the ray?’ I didn’t want to hear the man’s response.

When I came to worship, I stepped closer to the temple.

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