Stripe Fee Calculator

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The amounts are calculated based on the US Stripe fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Stripe Fee Calculator

Stripe Fee Calculator is a simplified tool that helps you to understand how much Fess you have to pay when doing transactions in popular payment platform Stripe.

stripe fee calculator

Stripe Payout Fees

According to the Stripe, it charges 2.9% + 30 Cents per transaction and no other setup fees, monthly fees or any hidden fees.

Stripe Fee Calculator Formula

The calculation of Stripe is very simple. Simple calculations is needed to calculate Stripe Fees.

For Example,

You want to make transaction of $100.

Then this is your Amount “A“.

Now as per the Stripe, it charges 2.9% of the Amount with 30 Cents as a transaction Fee.

So, the Fee will be,

Fee (F)= (Amount (A) * 2.9/100) + 0.30

Finally, Stripe Fee Calculator Formula will be as

F = (A * 2.9 / 100) + 0.30

Why use Stripe Fee Calculator?

The Calculator takes away the headache of the calculations. You can easily calculate the fee in a second and use the time in other productive task instead.

How to use Stripe Fee Calculator ?

The quick simplified Stripe Fee Calculator can be used very easily. Just track down the amount. Now. enter these amounts individually on the Amount section of our tool. Then click on Calculate Fee. Thats it. You get all the required fee information and also it suggest the amount to ask for.

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This calculator isn’t endorsed or supported by using Stripe in any way. The consequences of this tool are given as an indication of what you’ll be charged by these offerings. We can not in any manner guarantee the accuracy of the consequences.

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