Make Pdf Size Smaller: What No One Is Talking About

Make Pdf Size Smaller – There are some ideas which can help you to make your pdf files in smaller size. I personally have gone through this problem and here is the easy solution for you.

Make Pdf Size Smaller
Make Pdf Size Smaller

Make Pdf Size Smaller

If you are student, employee, owner, writer or you have to deal with many pdf documents, then you must make pdf size smaller.

But, also you must consider that while you reduce the size of your pdf, the content quality has to the same.

How to make pdf size smaller?

There are some tools that allows you to make pdf size smaller. However, I have seen so many online tools that claim to reduce the pdf size to 200kb but they only compress it to .zip or .rar file which is not good.

So, you can use the following online tools that are tested and work properly to make pdf size smaller.

Step 1: Upload your pdf files.

Step 2: Click on convert.

Reduce pdf file size to 10mb

If you want to compress pdf size to 10 MB, then the tools available on the internet may not be able to help you when you have large pdf size.

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Through various research, we found the following tool which can compress your large size pdf document to less than 10 MB. It can help you to convert pdf to less than 10mb and compress huge pdf.

Try Big PDF Compress.

save pdf as smaller file

Adobe acrobat pro allows you to save pdf as smaller file. But, when you have more than 200 pages pdf file then you may get issue of not responding.

But, you can try using it which has option to save pdf as smaller file without any other software. It can help you to downsize pdf file size and condense pdf file size.

How do I make a pdf file smaller so I can upload it?

Yes. You can use free online tools that can reduce your pdf size without loosing quality and upload it.

How do I reduce the size of a PDF file for free?

There are so many free online tools that I have mentioned for your on this article You can use them for free and they work genuinely.

How do I compress a PDF without Adobe?

You can compress PDF without any software as there are so many online tools available.

How do you change the size of a PDF file?

Step 1: Go to compress pdf
Step 2: Upload your pdf file.
Step 3: Click on convert.
Step 4: Download.

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