[#1 BEST] Print Screen In Windows 10

Print Screen In Windows 10 – There are multiple conditions when you need to take a screenshot of the computer. This is not a big issue.

There are multiple tools and ways on the computer by default.

Here, we will take Windows 10 as a reference and talk about how you can print screen in windows 10.

Print Screen In Windows 10 - www.GoNewsOn.com
Print Screen In Windows 10 – www.GoNewsOn.com

Why should you Print Screen In Windows 10?

The computer is the technical subject due to which you must show it practically.

You should share step by step guides to doing something.

These screenshots are mostly required by students and teachers. Students have to submit the assignment and they have to show how things are done.

Similarly, the teachers in school, colleges and universities also have to demonstrate students on how they can perform a certain task on the computer.

If steps are mentioned along with the pictures, then it is very easy to understand.

How to Print Screen In Windows 10?

There are basically two ways to print screen in windows 10. I preferred these methods of taking a screenshot on my PC.

Print Screen Button on Keyboard

There is a Print Screen Button on any Windows PC Keyboard either is Laptop or Desktop Computer.

You can see this key PrtSc along with Pause Break and Del / Ins Key which is the Print Screen Key.

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The key helps you to take the screenshot of the desktop. Whatever text, document, videos or any contents that are displayed in the monitor display, the visible part is captured as a screenshot and stored in the Pictures folder.

So, to take the screenshot using the Print Screen button, you can simply press the Print Screen Key along with the Windows Key at the same time.

Note: In some PCs, you should also press the Fn key while you press the Print Screen Button.

Snipping Tool

The snipping tool has various options while taking the screenshot on any Windows PC.

This tool is the default tool that comes along with the Windows Operating System.

To find the Snipping Tool,

Go to Start Menu -> Windows Accessories -> Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool helps you to take a screenshot in the rectangular ratio, Free Form Snip, Window Snip, and Full-Screen Snip.

The screenshot captured using the Snipping Tool has to be saved manually.

FAQs about Print Screen In Windows 10


So, the Print Screen key and the Snipping tool was the open secret to take a screenshot on any Windows PC. If you find it useful on Print Screen In Windows 10, then do share it.

Your suggestions and recommendations are most welcome. You can comment below.

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