[BEST] How To Crop Pdf File Online Free ?

How To Crop Pdf File Online Free ? – This might be the huge problem if you work in any office and do documentations. I personally have been through this problem where I had to crop every pages of pdf. Here is an easy way to crop pdf file online which will help you in how to crop in pdf.

How To Crop Pdf File Online Free ?

The technique that is mentioned on this article will help you to preview your pdf and crop the pages individually so that your works gets more value and improve your working capability and knowledge. But, you should be clear that either it is a scanned pdf or original pdf document, you can crop PDF Document. You can Crop PDF and Edit PDF Online which will Crop PDF and resize it as well.

How To Crop Pdf File Online Free
How To Crop Pdf File Online Free

Before starting actual steps to crop PDF Online, you should be clear that the technique is suitable for the following queries.

  • How to crop in pdf ?
  • How to Crop PDF File?
  • Can you crop a pdf page?
  • How to Crop a pdf in preview ?
  • How to Crop a PDF on mac ?
  • How to crop a pdf on windows ?
  • How to crop pdf file in laptop?
  • How to crop pdf without acrobat?
  • Can I Crop A PDF File ?
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Our team researched on a CROP PDF TOOL, used it in multiple possible ways and it came on the conclusions as following. You do not need any software. Either you have windows, mac or linux, you can use the technique to crop pdf file in laptop.

Case I – Crop Multiple PDF Pages at One

You get various pdf documents that is either a original pdf file or a scanned copy of documents.

There are some possible ways to convert the original pdf to word file and remove the unnecessary parts of the documents.

But, if you have a scanned document then you must use the CROP PDF TOOL to crop the unwanted headers and footers of the pdf.

If you want to crop all pdf pages at once, then it is possible when you want to remove the top, bottom, right or left portion of that pdf.

To crop multiple pdf pages at once can be a risk when the different page of your pdf has the different portion to crop. In this condition, you have to individually preview and crop the pdf.

Case II – Crop all pages in PDF Preview

To crop all pages in PDF Preview is the wise decision as your pdf may not have similar layout in all pages. When you preview the pdf, you can individually crop the pdf and get better result.

Crop PDF Pages Online

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How to Crop a pdf in preview ?

Lets, get into the actual task.

Step 1: Upload Your Files.

You can simply upload your files from the computer. Also, if you have files on Dropbox or Google Drive, then drag and drop those files.

Step 2: Crop the document.

As I already mentioned that you can crop whole pdf document at once or individually in preview.

I recommend to crop pdf pages separately. This will increase your efficiency.

Step 3: Click on CROP PDF.

Your PDF is now cropped. Download this.

How To Crop Pdf File Online Free ?

You can simply upload files from your computer to crop the pdf file online. Also, you can drag and drop the files from drobox or google drive to crop the pdf. You can setup auto margins or keep your won precise margins to crop the pdf file and download it.

How to Crop a PDF on mac ?

You can visit the tool from the internet browser to crop a pdf on mace, windows or laptops.

How to crop pdf without acrobat ?

These tools allow you to crop pdf without acrobat.

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