[FREE] How To Clean Up Laptop To Run Faster ?

How To Clean Up Laptop To Run Faster ? Yes. This is the general questions if you are working in laptop or pc. Here, our team has consulted to the experts of Computing regarding this. Here is how they clean up windows 11 and make their pc faster.

How To Clean Up Laptop To Run Faster

How To Clean Up Laptop To Run Faster without any software?

Our team came to know that there are some inbuilt ways in windows operating system to cleanup temporary and junk files. They just use memory of the pc and make your laptop slow.

Let’s get into the process to clean up your laptop and increase your computer speed.

How to clean up a computer to run faster? 7 Steps

First of all open your windows pc and try the following process:

Step 1: Type Windows + R and type temp and hit run.

Step 2: A new window with some files is opened. Select all and delete them.

Step 3: Type Windows + R and type %temp% and hit run.

Step 4: A new window with some files is opened. Select all and delete them.

Step 5: Type Windows + R and type prefetch and hit run.

Step 6: A new window with some files is opened. Select all and delete them. Also empty your Recycle Bin.

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Step 7: Go to This PC. Then Right Click on Local Disk C. Now You can see the Disk Cleanup option. Click there.

Local Disk C Disk Clean Up to make computer run faster

That’s it. In only 7 steps, your computer is now faster than before.

If you are confused or find difficult to follow the steps to clean up your pc, you can download CCleaner and this will cleanup your PC.

Also, here are some more bonus tips for you. If you have already followed the mentioned tips, then that’s ok.

9 Tips to Make Your Computer Run Faster

  1. Prevent Programs from automatically start up
  2. Completely uninstall the unused or unnecessary programs
  3. Hard Disk Clean up or better add SSD if not installed
  4. Defragment your hard drive
  5. Run Disk Clean up or repair
  6. Change the power plan to high performance
  7. Update your antivirus program
  8. Add RAM
  9. Update and patch your Windows Operating system

My laptop is still slow after trying all of the tips in this guide. What else can I do?

Even if you tried all of the tips mentioned on this article, then there might be some issue on your windows operating system in your laptop. Boot your laptop with the genuine Windows operating system and it should work. Also, you can get laptop with SSD these days. It is much more faster.

Why is my new laptop so slow?

Firstly, new laptop does not have much programs and junk files. But, you can check whether your laptop has SSD or not. If it does not have SSD, then you can add it.

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If you already have SSD installed in your new laptop and it is again slow, then you need to check your antivirus program. Also, installation of genuine windows operating system can me your new laptop faster.

Else, you need to replace your laptop.


This is the general simple method on how to speed up laptop but is very effective and powerful method for Clean Up Laptop To Run Faster. Try this and make your pc 100% faster than before.

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