How to become wealthy in 2023 ? – This can be your question but through the research and experiences, I can tell some of the proven techniques which can help you to become rich. Some of the ideas can make your extremely wealthy without any investment.

To become rich you must generate assets. These assets will work for you and make your rich. This way you can become wealthy.

Lets talk about this in detail in simple language.

Before starting, you must read this complete article which will give your a clear mindset to make money and become wealthy.

how to become wealthy
how to become wealthy

What is an asset?

Assets are those sources that make money for you. These assets generate incomes which you can use to generate more wealth. The more number of assets you have, the more wealth you generate. Now, lets generate more asset with me and make more money without much effort.

13 examples of assets that make your rich in 2022 | How to become wealthy in 2022

First of all you need to understand that there are various assets that can make money for you. If you could create any of the asset, they can make you millionaire as well.

1. Cash

Cash is also the best asset for you. But, it depends on how you use it. If you have cash and getting interest from the Bank then it is in inflation.

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Having cash in reserve creates opportunity and its a liquidity. Also peer to peer lending is also popular in various countries.

2. Real Estate

Real Estate is a big amount. But, you get rent for your property. Also the value gets appreciated. Your real estate property can be used as residential buildings where people live and pay rent.

It can also be used as official buildings where people work and you get paid.

Also, it can be used as commercial buildings where business sell their products and services and you get paid.

Land is also the real estate property which can be leased, cultivated or left for appreciation. The price of such property goes higher and higher as time passes.

But, remember, the house you live in is a liability. It costs you money to live, maintain and does not generate money for you to keep on your pocket. You need to pay for electricity, water, wastes, etc. and maintain the house.

3. Bonds

When Government or Business need money, they release bonds. These bonds have expiry date. They have low risks but low gain as well. When the bonds get expired, the principal amount is returned to you.

You can purchase the Bonds from the Brokerage firm.

4. Stocks

Stocks are the portion of shares of business traded publicly on the stock exchanges. You can become the share holders of Facebook, Apple, Coca Cola, Samsung, etc. when you purchase their shares.

It has chance to go up and down. But you should purchase fundamentally strong companies which can give you dividends. They give dividends to its share holders in cash or shares.

The famous billionaire Warren Buffet is so wealthy because of his investments on stocks.

5. Mutual Funds and Index Funds

These funds bring you a basket of shares of multiple companies and your invest risk becomes low.

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Since, it is diversified investment by the experts, it is safer investment.

6. Equipment

Any equipment that help you generate income is an asset. If you have a car and you make money from it, then its an asset for you.

If you are a farmer and you have a tractor which can help you generate money, then its an asset.

If you are a blogger and make money blogging, then the computer or the internet is an asset for you.

So, there are some equipment which can be liability for some and asset for the other.

7. Patents

Patents are the rights owned by you when you find out something new. Basically, the innovation you made can be registered as your patent and sell it.

These document certifies that your are the inventor and have detailed information regarding what your innovation does.

8. Trademarks

Trademarks are the logo and name of the brand. You can charge amount for using your trademarks to make money.

9. Brand and Goodwill

Brand and Goodwill of any organization can generate more money. Many celebrities’ use their goodwill to promote brands.

10. People

People are also the important assets these days. The organization is made by the genius creative people.

So, organization itself is nothing. People working in an organization can leave and join other companies. So, people with knowledge, experience and vision are the asset.

11. RAW Materials

Raw materials are the basic requirement in making any products. The prices of such raw materials are fluctuating. You can purchase raw materials when its cheap in bulk and sell it when the price goes higher.

12. Digital Content

Digital content can be anything like books, songs, courses or any information. You can sell these services using online ecommerce or you can sell if from your own website.

You can create blog or vlog to make money from Google Adsense.

13. Royalties

You might have heard about so many movies inspired by the books. These book owner gets royalties for using it on their movies.

how to become wealthy INFOGRAPHICS
how to become wealthy INFOGRAPHICS

Your Queries Answered

What is an asset?

An asset is anything that generates money for you.

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What are some examples of assets?

Index Funds
Raw Materials
Digital Content

What assets make you rich?

Every asset can make you rich.

What are income generating assets?

You can generate incomes from the assets like
Index Funds
Raw Materials
Digital Content

Is my house an asset?

If you are living in a house then its a liability. But, if you have rented your house, then its an asset for you.

How to invest in a company?

You can easily invest in a company by purchasing stocks.

Why do rich people buy assets?

Rich people want to make money from their money. Your money can make more money when you invest. So, rich people buy assets because these assets work for them and make money.

How to turn a liability into an asset?

If you want to turn a liability into an asset then you should be able to generate income for you. If you can not generate income for you, then you better sell it and buy some asset.

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