Real Ways To Make Money From Home For Free is not difficult these days. Due to the use of technology you can make money from home using various methods and they are completely free. We have been working from home and making money for free. Also, there are lots of spam on the internet regarding the legit ways to make money from home. But, here I have tried, tested and earning from these methods. I have received the payments to my bank account.

Read this complete article to get started for real ways to make money from home for free.

Real Ways To Make Money From Home For Free
Real Ways To Make Money From Home For Free

Real Ways To Make Money From Home For Free 2022

Before getting into the content, you need to understand that the use of internet and technology is a must to make money from home for free in 2022.  The methods mentioned here are applicable globally. You can work from any countries and receive payments in your bank account.


Blog is the digital place where you write contents and users can read them using internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Brave Browser, etc. You can create free blogs from and

You can get a blog with their subdomain. But, if you want to professionally work and achieve more success in blogging to making money from home online free, you should you wordpress platform to design your blog.

I suggest using a custom domain as it can get more ranking benefits. Also, you can get free custom domain from for 1 Year. You can use it to study and learn blogging and later purchase the suitable domain from Bluehost, GoDaddy or Hostinger.

Now, after the overview, you should be clear that you should purchase a domain and hosting to make your blog or website live on the internet. The trick you can do is choosing a simple hosting and later upgrading it as per your content ranking and traffic hits to your website.

Further, making your blog oriented to a niche will be more beneficial as it enhances your authority and expertise on the niche. Sometimes it is possible to earn thousands of dollars even from hundred visitors as per the niche.

But, always consider before selecting the niche, you must have interest in them. Once you are interested on the niche, you can also read and grow your knowledge from various sources and write it on your blog on more simple way to help visitors.

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It is must that you should have the aim to help people from your content. If you begin to run behind the money from the blog from the first day, you will probably quit blogging after 3-4 months.

But, if you create a blog with your aim to help people with your knowledge then you will get definitely good amount of earnings from Google Adsense after about 6 months of regular work on your blog.

And you need to also understand that blogging itself has lots of opportunities to make money online.

If you have a decent amount of articles and monthly visitors to your blog, then you can start affiliate marketing as well.

Ways to make money from blogging

As I have already said that you can make money from blogging, then here I have listed the various ways to make money from blogging.

Banner Advertisement

Once your website gets some visitors from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc. you keep banner ads on your blog.

As per your niche, you can also get banner ads from the companies. But, the most trusted and used advertisement network is Google Adsense. I personally prefer Google Adsense and have been using it for long years.

You can easily sign up to Google Adsense from your gmail account. If you have your own unique content on your blog, then Google Adsense account gets approved. Then you can create various vertical, horizontal responsive and fixed ads for your blog.

Also, I found that many people are having issues getting approval in Google Adsense.

There are some alternatives like Infolinks, Chitika, Propeller Ads, Revenue Hits, Pop Ads, etc.

Many bloggers sell their own products and services like Hosting, Ebooks, COurses etc. from their blog. If you can make any products like them, your other sources of income from blogging are ready. Keep links of your products on the blog and start making money from home for free.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling of any product or services to the visitor of your website, forum, page or videos. You can create any posts, articles, queries, photos, videos or any form of presence on the internet. These posts are viewed by the visitors and if they want to purchase the product or the service, you get commission. The amount or  percentage of commission is different for different niche, products and services.

It is not necessary to have a website to do affiliate marketing. You can even start affiliate marketing from your facebook page, instagram account, tiktok account, youtube videos, reddit, twitter, pinterest. Medium, quora, or any form of digital presence.

Once, you have digital presence, you reach globally and you can make sales to american customer from India. An Indian visitor can purchase hosting service from the UK COmpanies. This is the power of internet. If you reach to hundred visitors per month and even if ten visitors purchased the product, then also you will have decent amount. But, once you understood the concept of affiliate marketing, then keep practicing and improving. You should keep growing. Do not stop even if you making high incomes from affiliate marketing.

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Sell Amazon Products

Amazon is the largest ecommerce platforms where people from all over the world can purchase products of different categories. Here you can definitely get the products related to your niche. Just sign up to Amazon Affiliate and start promoting the products from your articles and pages. That’s it.

Sell Domains, Hostings  and Websites

There are various Domain and Hosting services. You can sign up for the affiliate in such websites. You can suggest a good service provider to purchase domain and hosting. If any visitors go through your link and purchase the domain or hosting, then you get commission.

You can also sell domain and websites. If you are aware about the various news, information and make calculated prediction, then you can purchase domains from hostinger, Godaddy, Bluehost etc. This time you can get the domain at very cheap basic price.

But, later you can sell domains at your price. IN the similar way, if you have any blog or website, you can sell it and make money. Flippa is the famous platform to sell website and domain. Also, you can sell domains in auction from GoDaddy as well.

Sell Keyword Research Tools

Actually, keyword is not only essential for blogging, it is required from companies to grow their business as well. Selection of keyword is a must for the companies and organization to make presence on the internet.

The search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. index and rank your blog and websites on the basis of keywords. Even a small blogger from a remote areas can earn thousands of dollars from a single keyword. So keyword has enormous potential in digital content.

So, you can help blogger, companies, writers, etc. find a suitable Keyword research tools to reach their target.

There are famous keyword research tools as listed below:

  1. Semrush
  2. Ahref
  3. Moz

You can also make sales for Grammarly. It is an amazing grammar checking tool required for writers, editor and bloggers.


Youtube is an amazing global platform which has audience from all over the world. You can create any kinds of contents. You can create a niche oriented youtube channel and start making money from various sources. But the most simple way to generate money from youtube free of Cost is Google Adsense. But furthermore, you can generate money from youtube from affiliate marketing, product reviews, sponsored videos, etc.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has now its marketplace where you can upload your products can get orders from facebook. But, here, you need to deliver the product and receive payments from the buyer.

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Teaching Courses

If you know something then you can teach others from various sources. You can even create your own course and tech them. You can help people to score higher in their entrance exams. There are various websites that allow you to make money from home by teaching.


Freelancing is very popular in the countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, etc. You can start freelancing from any countries. Freelancing is to work for other people sitting on your own home using the internet.

Freelancing can be of anything. It can be creating a birthday song for mom, developing a pdf converting website, android app for the company, logo design, writing an article for a blog, etc.

It can be anything. Just signup to the following websites. Post the skill and work that you can do do.

  • Fiverr
  • Golance
  • Upwork

Counseling Service

Counseling is an emerging business model which you can start own your own. The counseling service can be of anything. If you are a teacher, you can counsel students regarding the different courses and their scopes. You can motivate them the way of acquiring knowledge.

If you have sound knowledge of relationship, then you can counsel people regarding their relationship with husband and wife, relation in family, relation to boyfriend and girls friend.

Depression is seen as a growing problem in recent years. You can help them in some way by talking to them. Showing them the possibilities and help them grow and be successful.

Social Media Manager

These days lots of companies and people have their social media accounts in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. Number of Social Media has increased these days and all of them have high audience.

So, the presence and engagement to these social medias is a must task. Here, you can work as a Social Media Manager and post contents and manage them.


These were the Real Ways To Make Money From Home For Free which are genuine and I making money from them. Try to make money from the ideas mentioned above and then start generating money from various sources.

Here are bonus ideas for Real Ways To Make Money From Home For Free.

  • Logo Design
  • Book Cover Design
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Sell Photos Online
  • Sell Ebook

How To Make Real Money From Home for free?

You can make real money from home by blogging, affiliate marketing, social media assistants, logo design, selling eBooks, etc.

How To Make Money From Home Fast Free?

In my experience, to make money from home fast free can be the Facebook marketplace. Else, Freelancing also can make money from home fast free.

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