easy ways for teens to make money online

easy ways for teens to make money online – As a teen it might be difficult to make money but here are some genuine ways which can help you to make money online.

easy ways for teens to make money online
easy ways for teens to make money online

1. Freelance Writing – easy ways for teens to make money online

Freelance writing has become popular over the past few years. People are able to use their hobbies as ways to obtaining money online. If you love to write as much as myself, then you will love what I have to offer you here. The following list is a list of web sites that allow you to freely write for them and earn money in the process.


Associated content allows you to write for them like any other freelance writing site. The thing about this site that is different from others is that many are that the articles presented have price tags on them. Say for instance, you are writing about a movie and the article that you are writing for is worth $20, you will get $20 for the article that you have written. Basically, you are writing responses to article titles. Some articles require you to have a good performance, meaning that your article needs to be good. The better your article, the more you will get paid.

Demand Studios.com

Demand Studios posts articles that its registered users write on web sites such as Ehow.com. Typically, they pay $15 for each article you write. The good thing about this site is that they pay you quickly, at the end of each week. The articles that are needed to be written are easy to write, and the pay rate is good. The only thing about this web site is that you are only allowed to accept 10 assignments at a time, which could put your writing on hold as you wait for them to accept your articles.


While about.com doesn’t hire just anybody to write for their web site, those that do get accepted are able to make great money writing articles’, as answers to questions that people may have been asking. First, you have to go through 3 weeks of training with this web site. At the end of the training, they will decide if you are eligible for their site or not. You do not get paid for the training but it’s well worth it. The average minimum monthly payments earned from this site are about $700 for the first 2 years and $500 after that. Some people make up to $2,000 a month working for about.com 19.


Daily article is a new article web site. It shows many similarities to Constantcontent.com. Unlike Constant content, they take out 20% of your earnings compared to constant content’s 35%. One thing about this web site is that you give away the full rights to articles or writing material that you have created. That means once you sell your writing, you can’t resell it again because you have no copyright over it anymore.


On this site, you get paid to basically write reviews. Essentially, you can review anything that you feel like reviewing. They have three rates. The regular rate varies due to performance. It’s usually $1.50 per review, but it could vary depending on how well your review is. The minimum payout through paypal is $50.


This site usually pays people $3 per 300-word blog/post for beginners and $4 per post after completion of the 90-day probationary period. That’s a really easy way to make money. You can write about anything that you put your heart to. Nothing gets excluded at this web site. This is the easiest way to earn money online because there aren’t any set topics available here.


This web site uses blogs for income. You make a blog and you place it to this web site. Not sure how it works but the posts that you place on that blog could be worth in between $20 and $200 per post.

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Suite101 is a professional writing web site for the experienced writers. Mistakes are not tolerated here, so for those who aren’t good at writing shouldn’t come to this web site. You are required to offer a sample article as a little taste of what you can do for them.


This is a site based on knowledge. If you know a lot about a particular subject, then you should come here to try and earn some money. They allow you to request topics to write about, so if you do not want to write about something that this web site may offer, you can request a topic that’s more suitable for you. They also allow you to win journalism rewards, making you more recognizable in the writing community. They offer writing competitions that offer cash prizes ranging from $10 to $120. It’s a great way for someone to earn a good amount of money.


As the name of this web site suggests, you are a ghostwriter who is waiting for someone to purchase your writing. Besides the fact that the web site is surrounded by Google Adsense ads, it’s a pretty good way to earn money online.


Word firm is one of those experienced web sites that have been around for years. This web site is looking for experienced writers, copyeditors, and graphic designers. The writing for this web site is very strict and could be troublesome for those who haven’t mastered the art of writing.


Hub pages are my personal favorite site to write for. There are different types of writers (they call us hubbers). There are regular writers, and then there are flagship writers. A regular writer doesn’t get paid to write, but earn money based on page impressions and affiliate programs. Flagship writers get paid in between $25 and $40 per article (hub) they publish. They also get to use affiliate programs like any other writer on the site. Flagship writers have a limit of 30 flagship hubs per month. There are four different available affiliate programs that work with Hub pages. You could use Amazon, Ebay, Kontera, and Google Adsense. That’s 4 different strings of income, not to mention the money earned from Hubpages itself. The article writing is very creative. They allow you to place images, news, rss feeds, and videos into your written content to better explain yourself.


Triond allows you to write articles and earn money based on page impressions. You do not get a flat payment for every article you publish. The more impressions you get, the more money you will make.


xomba is a free community where you can earn money to write. It’s a free community. Something like a forum site mixed with a chat site. You make friends, write, and make comments, share ideas, and get paid, that simple.


This site is similar to hubpages. It offers capsules that allow you to post images, videos, and written content on pages and earn money from page impressions.

2. Answering Questions – easy ways for teens to make money online

Believe it or not, people are being paid online just for answering questions. You’d be surprised at how much money people are willing to pay to get the information that they want. There are web sites online that allow you to give out your knowledge for profit. Some of these sites even allow you to bid on how much money your knowledge is worth. This is a great way to earn money online and the following information is based on web sites that allow you to earn money online.


Expert bee is a web site where people ask questions and pay a certain amount of money to the lucky person who has been chosen to answer that question. Many people are beginning to use this web site because it’s very useful and a good way to make money online. Bids usually range from $1 to $100. There are some bids that may exceed $100, depending on the severity of the question. The public is desperate for answers and you are desperate for money. A match made in heaven.


Another one of those web sites that allows you to earn money answering questions. Not as sophisticated as Expert Bee, but it could still generate a great deal of income for those hard working, intelligent people who sign up for this web site.

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Chacha is a web site that allows you to become an online guide. An online guide is someone who answers questions. It’s sort of like a search engine, but with humans. You can answer questions received either from the computer or through the phone. It’s a great way to generate some extra income


This web site is……shall I say, strange. It’s a place for those with high tech questions and those who have those high tech answers. The web site is for those who have experience with technology. This is a very strange site to anyone who doesn’t have much technological knowledge.


This web site is one of those NOW web sites. Live experts online help people with questions they may have. You can sign up for this web site, but it isn’t like other sites. You have to be available at all times to receive a requested question or you will miss out on it. They offer software for your computer that allows you to receive requests when you are asked a question by a customer.


Guruza is a new web site that allows people to answer questions and receive payments. The questions are “relatively stupid” a lot of the time. It should be easy for most people to earn money using this site.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money online for anyone. There are many companies to suggest. I won’t be naming the obvious programs, such as Google AdSense, but this is a great list. There are now more trusted companies making affiliate marketing apart of their business. Companies are matching popular content that people prefer to view. Here is a handsome list of affiliate programs:


Admob is a company that specializes in mobile content. If you have a mobile web site, you can use this program to advertise on your site. Although Google has this feature as well, some mobile web sites are not compatible with Google, so Admob is a great alternative to making money online. Admob works with majority of the mobile sites. It even works with subdomain sites.


Clickbank is a web site that allows you to become an affiliate marketer and sell your items. You must have your own web site and domain name to be able to sell your items (particularly ebooks), but you could use any type of site to use the affiliate program. People have made beautiful income using this web site. I myself make at least $2,000 at the most every month. That’s because I spend most of my time with Google, but it’s worth a shot. $2,000 for someone who uses 4 different affiliate programs is great. Imagine if this were my only program I was using. The income would skyrocket. But if you love money, use this site. There are 2 different ways to earn, take advantage of it.


Yes, you seeing this correctly. Gamestop now has an affiliate program. The most trusted gaming company has opened an affiliate program. I also use this site. Although I don’t earn as much as my other affiliate programs, I do earn enough. When people see the gamestop logo, they are going to click because the trust this company has built with the public is unparallel.


Affiliates with Maxbounty earn money from advertising sponsors on a pay for performance basis. This site has both in house managed campaigns for you to advertiste, and merchants wanting direct relationships with you. Beyond one of the industry’s best and unique reporting systems.


An affiliate program with a porn site. Want to know how much money that could generate. Considering that 1/3 of Americans watch pornography, chances of getting paid from this site are d*** near 100%.


Leader market is an affiliate program that allows you to earn a little side money. By little side money, I mean a little side money. This site isn’t as good as sites like Yahoo publisher or Google Adsense, but it could bring a little money to your pockets.


Liquid web has an affiliate program. The ads that are displayed aren’t as “creative” as other sites, but they pay a good amount of money for advertising them.


Adbrite is basically the normal alternative to Adsense. Everyone seems to enjoy using this site. The text link ads are very attractive and draw in clicks easily. Although the adbrite revenue is sometimes half that of Adsense, it’s a great company for larget business web sites. Adbrite is a great program if you have an adult web site (which Adsense doesn’t allow).

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· Kontera.com 6 – Kontera is an affiliate program that earns revenue for impressions and clicks. The ads can be popped up if hovered over, easily getting more clicks and generating more revenue. This is one of the powerhouse affiliate programs. Usually powerhouse programs generate powerhouse money, and that’s exactly what it does.

· Amazon.com 7 – Amazon has an affiliate program that allows you to sell items from their site. You have the choice to choose what you want to sell to the public. Just by choosing a keyword, items related to that keyword will show up and be available to the public. You also get a little revenue due to page impressions.

· Ebay.com 3 – Ebay is the same way that Amazon is, except that Ebay doesn’t just hire anyone. They have turned down a lot of people. I’ve been turned down 4 times, but it can generate excellent income.

4. Stock market

The stock market is a great place to earn money. Using the internet to buy and sell stock is great also. What if I were to tell you that you can play in the stock market for free? That’s right, no risk at all. Matter of fact, what if I told you that you could earn money playing a risk free stock market game? Yeah, sounds too good to be true, but it’s possible. It started with me using virtual simulations of the stock market to learn some things before I decide to invest my hard earned money into the market, but I found out that I can earn money just for playing a virtual simulation. It isn’t that many legit sites out there, but I will show two sites that I know are worthy.

· Wallstreetsurvivor.com 54 – Wall Street survivor is a fantasy wall street stock market game, offering a virtual simulation of the real stock market with all the real rules and regulations. Learning how to use the stock market is a great way to earn great money in the future. But for now, you can earn a little extra side money by using this virtual simulation to learn how to use the stock market while you earn a few extra dollars in your pocket when you meet the game requirements in this battle of the stocks game.

· Updown.com 22 – Another virtual stock market game with the same rules as the real stock market. The payment plans are similar to wallstreetsurvivor.com 4. You have to meet certain criteria to get paid and win prizes, just as you would on wallstreetsurvivor.com 4.

5. Video Advertisement

Videos are a great way to make money online. You make money by placing ads on your videos and when people click those ads, you earn money and get a certain percentage of the earnings.

· YouTube.com 11 – Youtube lets you utilize Google Adsense for video when you are a regular uploader to the site and have thousands of views of your videos. So upload regularly and you could be generating a large size income from the number one video site in the world.

· Ulinkx.com 22 – Ulinkx is a website that allows you to utilize Google Adsense without meeting the criteria that YouTube requires. You can upload videos from YouTube, metacafe, myspace, and more. When you place ads on your videos, you gain revenue from clicks

· Break.com 39 – A site where people upload videos. If your video shows up on the home page, you could earn up to $2,000.

· Lulu.com 22 – You can publish things on this site and sell it. Videos, audio, ebooks, etc. Revenue sharing program.

· Blip.tv 12 – Blip allows you to post videos on their site and earn money from them. There are many different ways to advertise your videos on their site with a variety of different options.

· Vuze.com 9 – Vuze allows you to make content with ads so that you can generate revenue, or make it free with no ads at all.

6. Other Ways to make money online- These following ways don’t really fall into a category, but they could generate good revenue.

· Expotv.com 81 – You get to upload a product review to this site. You can earn up to $10.00 per review

· Blogtalkradio.com 6 – This site is a place where everyone with podcasts and those who are interested to make money with their podcasts.

· Odiogo.com 5 – Odiogo is a free site that also allows you to generate advertising revenue. You may qualify if your listenership level reaches a higher level.

· We7.com 32 – We7 shares money that’s made from the site’s ads with downloaded music. Revenue sharing program.

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