[#1 YOUTUBER] Bhagya Neupane Tattato Khabar

Bhagya Neupane Tattato Khabar – Neupane has become a celebrity from his youtube channel Tattato Khabar. He has been helping needy people by making videos on his youtube channel and collecting funds for them. He goes to multiple remote villages searching for the hidden talents and present such talents through youtube.

Quick Info
Full NameBhagya Neupane
TitleSocial Worker, Youtuber
Age27 Years (2020)
Bhagya Neupane Tattato Khabar
Bhagya Neupane Tattato Khabar

Bhagya Neupane Tattato Khabar

Bhagya Neupane is the synonyms of Tattato Khabar. He spends a lot of money in social works. He is now known as a social worker.

Neupane has more than 443K followers in his Facebook account.

Bhagya Neupane Biography

He was born in Jhapa, Nepal in 1992 August 25. He works as a reporter in Tattato Khabar. He currently stays in Kathmandu, Nepal.

He studied at Balkumari College, Narayanghat, Chitwan, Nepal.

In recent days, the fame of Neupane has increased very high.

He says that he will not take any paid interview.

Ashok Darji who is a popular singer now was also introduced by Bhagya. Neupane had taken his interview which went viral. Each interview of Bhagya gets viral on youtube and multiple social media.

He is effortlessly bringing the hidden talents. His work begins from 6AM to 10 PM everyday continuously.

Bhagya Neupane Contacts

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/c/BhagyaNeupane

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/hem.neupane.56

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/bhagyaneupane1/

Bhagya Neupane Number – 9824977523

Recently Neupane got into a controversy related to Puspa Adhikari. He personally apologized if he has done anything wrong. He says that he do not have any bad intention.

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Bhagya Neupane Youtube Channel

The channel has about 14 videos uploaded with more than 379K Subscribers. The channel was created on 2018 Feb 8. He is getting about 2K subscribers every month.

The youtube channel is ranked on 100th position in Country Rank Nepal.

He has estimated monthly earnings of about $8 – $128. Similarly, the yearly estimated earnings is $96 – $1.5K.

Tattato Khabar Youtube Channel

The channel has more than 800 videos on its channel with 2M subscribers. The channel was created on 2017 Feb 3.

The channel is ranked in 5th position in country rank Nepal. Similarly, it is on 229th position in the news rank.

The channel is getting about 140K subscriber every month.

The estimated monthly earning of the channel is about $3.2K – $51.1K. Similarly, the estimated yearly earnings in $38.3K – $613.3K.


Bhagya Neupane Tattato KhabarBhagya Neupane has been doing multiple social works and covering the contents related to hidden talents and needy people.

He has gain the trusts of millions of people that people send him money to help needy people.

All the very best for him. Keep doing more social works. Keep inspiring people.

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