Bijaya Shahi – According to the Champions Books of World Records, Shahi has the record of The Longest Sequence Of Objects Memorized in 30 Seconds is 102 words. Now he has been demonstrating his technique by memorizing the whole Mahabharat and big books.

Quick InfoBijaya shahiMemory King20 Years (2020)
Bijaya Shahi Quick Info
Bijaya Shahi Memory King From Nepal
Bijaya Shahi Memory King From Nepal

Bijay Shahi Infos

Full NameBijaya Shahi, Vijay Shahi memory king
TitleMemory King From Nepal
BirthplaceKalikot, Nepal
Date of Birth1997
Age20 Years (2020)
Marital StatusUnmarried
EducationHigh School / +2
AchievementChampions Book Of World Records
The Longest Sequence of Objects Memorized in 30 Seconds is 102 Words
[MEMORY KING] Bijaya Shahi From Nepal


He has 5 members in his family. He has two brother, father and mother in his family. He is from a very remote area of Nepal known as Kalikot.

He practices a formula due to which he can memorize the things in the speed of photocopy.

He has been demonstrating his skill in multiple medias.

This kind of thing has been seen on various people around the world who could memorize quickly like capturing the image.

memory king bijaya shahi the champions books of world records certificate
memory king bijaya shahi the champions books of world records certificate

MEMORY KING Bijaya Shahi From Nepal

Vijay Shahi of Kalikot has set a world record in the Memory King category. Shahi memorized 70 words in a minute back and forth and set a world record by beating an Indian competitor.

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Earlier, world record holder Arpan Sharma was able to utter Fourty two words in one minute, while Vijay Shahi of Kalikot set a world record, NASA has called Him.

After handing over the certificate to Shahi at Hotel Annapurna in Kathmandu, he is now seen on social media.

Bijaya Shahi Champions Books Of World Records
Bijaya Shahi Champions Books Of World Records

Shahi said in an audio recording that he set a world record defeating Arnan Sharma and India’s Sagar Bhuji by memorizing the 70 words in 55 seconds. The judges declared Shahi a world record holder and awarded him a certificate.

There is excitement in Kalikot after Vijay Shahi of Kalikot set a world record. Born in a remote village, Shahi had passed the certificate level from the village school. India’s Sagar Bhuji later set a world record by scoring points in the competition held in China for the first time.

Vijay Shahi From Nepal has a strong memory power.

Bijaya Shahi Formula

He practices the formula to memorize things faster. Many people have said that there is some fast reading technique through which we can do the quick reading.

What is the Champions Books of Worlds Records?

Champions Book of World Records is an initiative by Score More Foundation, an international non-profit organization working for the empowerment of Children, Youth, and Women with its vast network in different countries of the world for the last 20 years. CBR is affiliated to International Council on Education, London, UK.

Evidence Required to get Champions Books of World Records

  • Cover Letter (Fill all the information about your attempted record).
  • Record Participants details with their photograph and signature.
  • The complete detail about all witness with their photograph and signature.
  • The complete details about all witnesses should be enclosed with the claim documents.
  • Claimed Record approval and certification may take 10-20 days
  • Video Footage.
  • High-quality color photographs.
  • Media Coverage, if any (Audio/video/print/electronic)
  • Documents and material submitted to CBWR is supposed to become property of CBWR and CBWR is under no obligation to return any kind of claim materials/documents back to the attempter.
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Interesting Facts

  • Remember 102 Words in 30 Seconds
  • High Memory Power
  • Champions Book of world records Bijay Shahi


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Bijaya Shahi – has an amazing memory power. He has been practicing a formula to memorize thing. His capacity of memorizing thing in the speed of photocopy has amazed millions of people all over the world.

Our team wishes all the very best for his bright future.

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