BREAKING NEWS – Niruta Singh Husband Name

Niruta Singh Husband Name – Actress Niruta Singh is married. She tied the knot with Sanjeev Gulati from Mumbai. Writing a status on Facebook on Saturday, she informed that she got married to Gulati on August 31.

Niruta Singh is an India-based actor working in Nepali cinema. She became a huge star in 2001 after the historic success of Darpan Chhaya which became the highest-grossing film of all time in the Nepali film industry. She is the first female superstar of Nepali film industry and recipient of several awards including the best actress for the movies Aafanta (1999) and Lahana (2003) at the Motion Picture Awards. She won the best actress award for the movie Daal Bhat Tarkari at the ANP National Award 2021.

Niruta Singh Husband Name

Name:Niruta Singh Gulati
Date of Birth:26 September 1972
Marital Status:Married
Husband:Sanjeev Gulati
Married Date:31 August 2023
Official Website:Click Here

Niruta Singh was raised in Darjeeling, India, where she was born. From there in India, she completed her high school education. Later, she relocated to Nepal and began a career in film. But in 2007, she relocated once more, this time to Mumbai, India, to enroll in an interior design degree. Afterward, in 2010, they went back to Nepal.

“Dakshina (1993)” was Niruta Singh’s film debut. Tulsi Ghimire was the film’s producer and director. Tulsi Ghimire, the filmmaker, was good friends with her father. In actuality, she was brought to this field by Tulsi.

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Who is the husband of Niruta Singh?

Sanjeev Gulati is the husband of Niruta Singh.

What is the marriage date of Niruta Singh?

31 August 2023

Popular Nepal Actress Niruta Singh is now officially married. She had mentioned it on her social media facebook account.

Niruta Singh Gulati is married on 31 August 2023 in Mumbai, India.

Niruta Singh Husband Name
Niruta Singh Husband Name
Screenshot 20230902 161446 Facebook - Niruta Singh Husband Name
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