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Sonu Sharma Motivational Speaker wiki Sonu Sharma is an Indian motivational speaker and founder of an organization called Dynamic India Group, India.

Sonu has been conducting various motivational seminars and workshops all over India and also he is motivating people all over the world.

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Sonu Sharma Biography

Sonu Sharma is an educator, business consultant, and a young successful entrepreneur. He has been inspiring people all over the world and motivating them with multiple workshops and seminars.

He has the true potential to inspire and motivate people to take action.

The dynamic personality of Sonu has influenced thousands of people. He is also the Naswiz Crown Ambassador for the leading Tourism Company of India.

He is also active on youtube and creating regular content.

Sonu Sharma Youtube channel has more than 2.1M subscribers on his channel. He had joined the youtube on 2006 October 7.

The channel has already received the Gold Plate Award from Youtube.

According to Socialblade, the channel has about 156 videos uploaded which are making about $2.9K to $46.3K per month. It has an estimated yearly income of $34.7K to $555.3K.

Sonu Sharma Motivational Speaker wiki

Name: Sonu Sharma

Gender: Male

Nationality: Indian

Profession: Writer, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker

School: Dayanand Public School, Faridabad

Religion: Hindu

Contacts: +91 98112 35215

Email: [email protected]

Sonu Sharma Official Links

Clients of Sonu Sharma

  • TATA
  • BNI
  • VEGA
  • AGS
  • Career Zone
  • Kalpataru Entertainment

Sonu Sharma Motivational Programs

  • Corporate Training
  • Academic Sessions
  • Train The Trainer
  • Residential Training Extravaganza
  • Network Marketing
  • Entrepreneur Leadership Programme

FAQs about Sonu Sharma

Who is Sonu Sharma?

Sonu Sharma is a Writer, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Business Consultant and founder of Dynamic India Group.

Which company does Sonu Sharma work?

Sonu Sharma works in Dynamic India Group. He has clients from
Career Zone
Kalpataru Entertainment

Who is the wife of Sonu Sharma?

The Sonu Sharma wife is Swati Sharma.


Sonu has conducted his workshops in more than 12 states in India and more than 114 countries.

It was found that more than 10 Lakhs people attended his LIVE seminar a few years ago.

So this was the article on Sonu Sharma Motivational Speaker wiki

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