[BEST] Essay On Fast Food

Essay On Fast Food
Essay On Fast Food

Essay On Fast Food – Fast Food these days is an easy means to feed our hunger. You can find multiple fast food restaurants in every corner of the city. But are these fast food really good for your health ? It is good to neglect health while feeding your hunger ?

Introduction – Essay On Fast Food

Food is the basic need of human beings. No one can live without food. But, in the name of feeding your hunger, you must also care your health. Because you not only eat food to feed your hunger but also to be healthy, be strong and do something worthy.

This technological era has made people rely on fast food. They keep on rushing.

Essay On Fast Food
Essay On Fast Food

Body- Essay On Fast Food

We say that students are the future of the nation. It is only then when students are healthy. When you have healthy body, your body can function properly. You have another level of confidence, thinking and muscle power as well.

Burger and Pizza might your favorite food but are they really worth it? Do you know that it is not healthy for your body ?

I am not accusing any particular food, but all fast foods are not healthy.

It is better not to eat fast foods.

Solution – Essay On Fast Food

The solution is easy. You have to be active to be healthy. First care your health and then your health will care in your old age.

The foremost basic thing is to eat home made food. You must completely prevent from any fast food.

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Go to your kitchen and cook food for you. There are so many food items that you can cook even if you have very less time. It is not so difficult to manage time to cook food to make your body healthy.

Otherwise, you can find home made tiffin services. There are so many people who have started home made food tiffin services. They make delicious and healthy food items and also deliver to your address.

Furthermore, government can motivate restaurants to make home made items without using unhealthy food ingredients in the name of taste.

Conclusion – Essay On Fast Food

Essay on Fast Food – Human Beings are the living things. Food is our basic need. We should eat healthy foods to keep our body healthy. When we have good health, we can achieve economic, academic and spiritual life ahead.

If you lose your health, you lose money, name and fame.

FAQs about fast food

What is fast food?

Fast food is the food items prepared in the restaurants or factories which use a lot of ingredients to make the food tastier.

Is it healthy to eat fast food?

Fast food is the best enemy of health. If you want to be healthy, you can eat fast foods.


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