[101] Basic Full Form In Computer

Basic Full Form In Computer helps you to easily understand the computer technologies. The full form of BASIC is Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. If you are a student, then you must not miss these full forms.

The computer has so many sub-topics like hardware, software, system units, internet, networks, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, etc. So, here you will get the categorized Basic Full Form in Computer.

[101] Top Basic Full Form In Computer - www.GoNewsOn.com
[101] Top Basic Full Form In Computer – www.GoNewsOn.com

101 Basic Full Form In Computer

I am making you easier to understand the full forms. The full forms will be categorized. This will help you understand and memorize the full forms.


Hardware is the physical part of the computer. We can touch this hardware and also replace it. Here are the basic full form in computer related to hardware of computer.

CPU – Central Processing Unit

USB – Universal Serial Bus

NIC – Network Interface Card

VGA – Video Graphic Adapter

UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply

RAM – Random Access Memory

ROM – Read-Only Memory

CD – Compact Disk

DVD – Digital Versatile Disk

SIM – Subscriber Identify Module

BIOS – Basic Input Output System

ICT – Information and Communication Technology

HDD – Hard Disk Drive

FDD – Floppy Disk Drive

PROM – Programmable Read-Only Memory

EPROM – Erasable and Programmable Read-Only Memory

EEPROM – Electronically Erasable and Programmable Read-Only Memory

LCD – Liquid Crystal Display

CRT – Cathode Ray Tube

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LED – Light Emitting Diode

HDMI – High Definition Media Interface

ICU – Interface Converter Unit


Texts, documents, images, videos, programs, etc. that we store on the computer are the files. These files are saved in different extensions so that the program can understand which file to open. Here is the basic full form in computer related to files.

PDF – Portable Document Format

GIF – Graphical Interchange Format

PNG – Portable Network Graphics

DOC – Document

JPG – Joint Photographic Experts Group


The computer has its own storage on the CPU. Also, you can add more storage drives as well. There are many short forms related to storage. So, read these basic full forms in computer related to the storage of the computer.

GB- Giga Byte

MB – Mega Byte

PT – Peta Byte

TB – Tera Byte

KB – Kilo Byte

FAT – File Allocation Table

NTFS – New Technology File System


We use so many services related to the computer, the internet, and technology. We are using the service without knowing what it is. So, here is the basic full forms in computer  related to service.

MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service

SMS – Short Message Service

GSM – Global System for Mobile Communication

CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access


The Internet is the largest network in the world. People from every corner of the world are accessing the files on the internet but they do not know the full forms. Here are the basic full forms in computer which you can easily understand and memorize as well.

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WIFI – Wireless Fidelity

WWW- World Wide Web

BLOG – Web Log

Mbps – Megabytes Per Second

Kbps – Kilo Bytes Per Second

ISP – Internet Server Provider

LAN – Local Area Network

WAN – Wide Area Network

IP – Internet Protocol

FTP – File Transfer Protocol

HTTP – HyperText Transfer Protocol

HTTPS – Secured HyperText Transfer Protocol

URL – Uniform Resource Locator

3G – Third Generation

DNS – Domain Name System

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

EDGE – Enhanced Data Rate for GSM

ARPANET – Advanced Research Project Agency Network

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

MAC – Media Access Control

VPN – Virtual Private Network


Programming is the best thing so many teenagers love to do. Due to programming, you can surf Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, etc. So, here is the basic full form in computer related to programming.

CSS – Cascading Style Sheet

HTML – HyperText Markup Language

AJAX – Asynchronous Javascript and XML

API – Application Programming Interface

APK – Android Application Package

ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange

BASIC – Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

PHP – Hypertext Preprocessor

SQL – Structures Query Language

XML – eXtensible Markup Language

HLL – Higher Level Language

LLL – Lower Level Language

GUI – Graphical User Interface

RDBMS – Relational Database Management System

OOP – Object-Oriented Programming


Google, Yahoo, Dell, etc. are the giant companies in the industry of Computer and Electronics. Find out the basic full form in computer related to companies.

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YAHOO – Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

INTEL – Integrated Electronics

LG – Life’s Good

IBM – International Business Machines Corporation

HP – Hewlett- Packard

TED – Technology, Entertainment, and Design

IMDb – The Internet Movie Database

DELL – Digital Electronic Link Library

ACER- Acquisition Collaboration Experimentation Reflection

Computer Full Forms


These were the Basic Full Form In Computers to help you understand the technologies. This article is written in such a way that you can memorize the full forms while reading.

Students or any people related to Computer, Internet, and Technologies must not miss this basic full form in computer

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