Praptika Aakshedhara

Praptika Aakshedhara – At around 6 pm on Monday, some children had gone to play in the grass of Akashedhara in Kapan. Living in a nearby ‘care children’s home’, they saw something strange in the evening.

There was a box in the bush next to it. Inside the box was a baby wrapped in warm clothes. The child was sobbing as he lay on the bed at home.

Praptika Aakshedhara
Praptika Aakshedhara

Seeing the child inside the cartoon, the children jumped. They even took pictures and videos of the girl.

Praptika Aakshedhara

In the video, the girls say, ‘Please stay in our house. We liked how cute she is. Please make our sister, ‘it is heard.

Meanwhile, Nishma Bohora, who had gone with the girl, had informed Mamu.

His ‘uncle’ is Pushpa Adhikari.

Pushpa has been taking care of 15 girls and one boy in the Care Children’s Home.

“The children were calling me to come soon,” said Pushpa to Sethopati. “I had raised them since I was a child.” The kids love it. ‘

The girls of the children’s home used to go out to play when they were embarrassed to play at home. At the same time, they saw the girl in the cartoon.

‘Since the school was closed, our children have been playing in the fields. We send a lot of children to play outside for a few hours when they are not able to play at home, ‘said Pushpa.

After the girl called, Pushpa also reached Chaur.

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‘It must have been 6 o’clock when I arrived. The baby must have been brought in during the day and released, ‘she said. I brought it home to take care of it. ‘

She had also informed the police that she had found the baby and was going to take care of her.

“I also informed the police. Knowing that I was already doing the same thing, they said yes,” said Pushpa.

After bringing her home, she has named the girl – the acquisition officer.

“Yesterday, I got the name of the girl to match my own last name,” she said.

The Metropolitan Police Division, Kapan, has started searching for the child.

“We have started searching for who owns it,” said Inspector Shekhar Jung Malla.

The managing officer of the orphanage said that if any family claimed that the child was theirs after looking at the documents they had, they would return it.

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