Historic Medals for Nepal on 13th South Asian Games

Historic Medals for Nepal on 13th South Asian Games

Santoshi Shrestha, who won the historic medal for Nepal, said that she had the fruits of her sacrifice of athletics.

Kajal Shrestha wins gold medal on 13th South Asian Games Takewando - www.GoNewsOn
Kajal Shrestha wins gold medal on 13th South Asian Games Takewando – www.GoNewsOn

In the South Asian Games (SAG), Santoshi made history by becoming the first player to win international gold for Nepal in athletics, winning the 1,000-meter race.

Santoshi won the gold by defeating Indian runner Kavita Yadav in milliseconds in the track held at the Dashrath Stadium on Tuesday.

She had chased down the Indian player for the last hundred meters. But with 5 meters left, the Indian player hit him hard.

“When was the Indian player supposed to give a hit? With 5 meters left she jumped at a fast pace, ‘said Santoshi,’ then I remembered everything. I remembered all the sacrifices I made in athletics, my secular job, the support of my family, the hard work of the mentors, the encouragement of my friends. And I jumped as much as I could the last 5 meters to jump anyway. ‘

Santoshi and Kavita had crossed the line at once.

‘Who didn’t win at the end of the race,’ she said.

After the official time, Santoshi was able to win the gold by 1.5 seconds.

Santoshi had completed the prescribed 1,000 meters in 5 minutes 5.99 seconds. Similarly, the poem of India ran for 5 minutes at 1.99 seconds.

“Today is the fruit of my hard work,” she said, “that gold alone is not possible. The support of the trainers, family and friends came here too. ‘

She said she was proud to be the first female player to win the first international gold for Nepal.

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“I thought I would play with my hundred percent,” she said, adding that she did not believe that hard work would be the first gold for Nepal.

Nepal continues to win gold from Taekwondo in the 7th South Asian Games (SAG).

On the second day of the Taekwondo competition, Bir Bahadur Mahara made a spectacular performance in the 5 kg weight group in Fight.

He defeated Pakistan’s Mohammad Fahim 3-1 in the final.

Earlier, he defeated Prithviraj Chauhan of India in the semifinals.

Earlier on Tuesday, Kajal Shrestha had given gold from Taekwondo.

On Tuesday, Nepal won two golds from Taekwondo, two from Karate, three from Usu, two from athletics and 3 from triathlon.

With this, Nepal’s gold has reached 7.

Nepal has won another gold from Taekwondo under the 8th South Asian Games (SAG).

Kajal Shrestha won the gold on Monday for the 4 kg weight group in Nepal.

With this, Nepal’s gold has reached 7.

He won gold in the final, perhaps beating Pakistan’s Sidja Butul by 4-1.

Nepal is competing for more gold from Taekwondo on Tuesday. Neema Gurung at 5kg and Bir Bahadur Mahara at 5kg are fighting the Pakistani player.

Nepal is victorious in defeating Bhutan in the thirteenth South Asian Games competition (SAG) on Tuesday.

Nepal won by defeating Bhutan by 5 goals.

For Nepal, Sujal Shrestha scored 1, Abhishek Rizal and Mikheen Tamang scored through a free-kick.

Nepal won by a wide margin of difference after Mikchen Tamang added another goal through a free-kick in the 5 minutes of the game.

Nepal was stretching the lead after Abhishek Rizal added a third goal in the second half.

Nepal scored one goal in the first half, adding another goal in the second half.

In the first half of the first half, Sujal Shrestha of Nepali team scored the goal. Shrestha added another goal in the 8th minute of the second half.

Along with this, Nepal has opened a winning account in the first game of the SAG.

Nabin Rasali had won gold

Nepal has won 2 of 3 golds in the Karate Fight on Tuesday under the 8th South Asian Games (SAG). In the last match, Sunita Maharjan gave Nepal the second gold in the 5 kg weight group.

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She defeated Pakistan’s Kulsoon 4-1 in the final. Sunita confirmed the journey to the finals by pulling out a comfortable 3-1 win over Morim Khatun of Bangladesh in the group stage.

Nabin Rasali had won gold in the 1kg weight group in Karate today.

Nepal performed worse today than on Monday. On Monday, Nepal won 2 of 3 golds in Karate Fight and 1 out of 3 gold at Kata. In the individual katama for Nepal, Chanchala had missed the day with the best gold kiss in Danwar and Fight.

On Tuesday, Gangaram Kushwa and Anu Gurung of Nepal also had to agree on silver. Nepal’s two players were out of the first round.

Pakistan added one gold while Bangladesh won 2 gold.

Nepal’s gold has risen to six in the 7 th. Of which 1 gold is from Karate, 2 from Taekwondo, 3 from Triathlon, 2 from Usu and 1 from Athletics ten thousand meters.

13th South Asian Games

Mandekaji Shrestha did not participate in the main international competition in Karate for two years.

He was a great bet to play South Asian sport (SAG).

Mandekaji was elected to the 8th Sag in the eighth national sports competition in Tulsipur in Dang, Baisakh after winning a gold in individual kata (art performance).

Supposedly, he had a stake in gold, and has also won gold in the greens. He opened a gold account for Nepal in Monday’s match.

When he met Baishakh, he seemed very excited to play in the teak. Monde turned the excitement into a win on Monday.

He won 5 golds in individual and team kata. Mande, who won the first gold for the country, said his goal was met.

Nepal won gold in Karate’s personal title after two years.

“After 2 years, I have made history by winning gold in Kata,” he said, adding that after winning the first gold, I would give up the second gold. I felt successful from the inside.

Apart from this, his wife Usha Tamang Shrestha had come to Karate Kabbard Hall in Satdobato for six months carrying a ‘Lucky Charm’.

She considers her child a lucky charm.

2-year-old Mandekaji dreams of winning gold in the saga, but it has been 6 years.

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He was selected for the 11th SAG Games in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in the 5th.

He also arrived in Bangkok for the close training of the national team. However, at that time, it was decided to reduce the weight groups of the Karate Games to only one of the 5 weight groups.

He was beaten by seven players, including Mandecaji. Their weight groups were cut off from participating in the competition. Mandakeji has not forgotten the moment that the flag hoisting Nepal’s flag in the saga is not complete.

‘There was talk of preparing for Bangkok and going to Dhaka. However, suddenly our weight group came to an end. Later, officials also assured that they would be added. However, the assurance was not fulfilled. “The moment that I am not able to play the Saga games despite being selected, it is a sad day,” he said.

Two years ago, Mandakeji won the gold on Monday.

Ayesha Shakya has won gold

In the South Asian Games (SAG), Ayesha Shakya has won gold at the Pune (Art Exhibition) Taekwondo School for the age of 29.

Ayesha has bagged a gold medal after trailing the Indian player. She brought in 7.95 points.

Bharat Prajakita, who finished second, scored 7.5 points and Sri Lankan Gayatri finished third.

Ayesha also made history by winning gold in Taekwondo’s two different disciplines in saga history.

Nepal’s Laxman Tamang has won gold in the Karate

Nepal’s Laxman Tamang has won gold in the Karate  Fight men’s 5kg weight group under the South Asian Games (SAG). He defeated Mohammad Mustafa of Bangladesh 3-1.

Earlier, he had defeated Sri Lankan players in the group stage.

Karnataka Kata plans to add gold from the Nepal Fight mode to win three golds.

Anjali Chand of Nepal has set a world record in cricket.

In the match against the Maldives at Pokhara Stadium, under the women’s cricket of the 7th South Asian Games (SAG), she scored 6 wickets without giving any runs. She also scored a hat-trick while taking 2 wickets. So far, no cricketer has been able to get five wickets without costing a run in world cricket.

Anjali, who came to bowl in the seventh over, took three wickets in the middle. In the ninth over soon after, she took 5 more wickets without spending any runs. He took one more wicket in the eleventh over. She also completed the hat trick.

Maldives, who had batted first before winning the toss, scored 5 runs in 5.2 overs.

Nepal batting reply found the target in 1.5 overs. Karuna Shrestha scored 3 runs for Nepal. Nepal received an extra four runs and received extras.

South Nepal will play Bangladesh on December 3 and Sri Lanka on December 5.

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