Extramovies Mp4 1080p HD Movies Download

Extramovies Mp4 1080p HD Movies Download

Hey guys, you might be aware that you can find so many movies on Extramovies but this can lead you to jail. Read this complete article to find out what are the genuine sources to watch and download Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Malayalam, and many Hindi dubbed movies.

Extramovies Mp4 1080p HD Movies Download - GoNewsOn.com
Extramovies Mp4 1080p HD Movies Download – GoNewsOn.com

All about Extramovies

People are going to extramovies because they upload the hall print movies on their sites as soon as the movie gets released on theatres.

But, you might have realized that their domain and links keep on changing.

Such sites keep their content backup and change the domain as they get penalized by the search engine. They are also blocked by the government and the officials. The movie creators report on the piracy of their movies and the website owners can be punished anytime.

What is movie Piracy?

Let me explain in simple language.

For example, you produced a movie. While producing you have to spend on so many things like actors, locations, travels, foods, clothes, promotions, etc.

And finally, your movie gets released in the Theatre. As soon as the audience return home from the Theatre, your movie is found on the internet.

How would you feel? All your efforts, times and money investment is uploaded somewhere you do not belong to and you do not know anything about them.

Here, you are the owner and you do not know where your contents are being uploaded and streamed.

This unethical way of uploading and streaming the contents of other creators without copyright is piracy.

I have seen so many people creating movie websites and sharing links. But, this is a crime. This can lead you to jail. So, use the content that belongs to you.

Note – We do not support piracy of any movie. The content that you upload without any copyright is punishable. Please stop piracy. It is illegal. Do watch movies from only trusted sources like Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

Is movie downloading websites legal?

No. Movie downloading websites that upload the uncopyrighted content is illegal. This can be punished by the law.

What is movie Piracy?

This unethical way of uploading and streaming the contents of other creators without copyright is piracy.

Extramovies APK

Extramovies Apk is also found on the internet. This is not available in the Google Play store but so many Apk websites have uploaded this application. As per GetJar, ExtraMovies Apk has been downloaded more than 300 times for android mobiles.

In Apkpure, you can find three Apks as Extramovies.club, ExtraMovies.TV EX and Extramovies.tv.

Extramovies.club APK

It has 253 Shares and 11 votes. It is uploaded on the category of Free Entertainment Apps. The Apk was published on August 24, 2017, which is v2.9.3. The requirement for installing this Apk is Android 4.0.3. The author ExtraMovies has uploaded this Apk on ApkPure. The Apk is rated with 4.5 Stars in 5.

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ExtraMovies.tv Ex APK

The application is uploaded by the author ExtraMovies on 2017 September 11. It has received only 10 votes and shared by 253 people. The latest version of Apk is v2.9.6. You need to have android 4.0.3 to install this application.

Extramovies.tv APK

The Apkhas been voted by 2 people and it has 253 shares. The application has been rated 2.5 in 5 stars. ExtraMovies uploaded this application on 2017 August 13. The minimum requirement to install this application is 4.0.3. It has also received 20 Likes from facebook.

All About Extramovie website

Extramovie does piracy of different movies released on theatres. They are so much active on their website. It seems that they have a huge group of teams and they are working on the site from other countries. They upload the following types of movies:

Hindi MoviesBollywood MoviesAnimated Movies
CartoonsJapanese MoviesKoreans Movies
South Indian MoviesHindi Dubbed South MoviesTamil Movies
Telegu MoviesMarathi MoviesHollywood Movies
Hindi Dubbed Hollywood MoviesAdult MoviesAction Movies
Romantic MoviesBiography MoviesAnime
Science Fiction MoviesTV ShowsChines Movies
Comedy MoviesDramaDual Audio Movies
Horror Movies  

These websites get huge traffic. Actually they get direct traffic from the visitors. They use third party sites and link shorteners to monetize their site.

The trusted platform Google Adsense and Media Dot Net does not allow to monetize these kinds of illegal websites. Also, the search engines penalize these sites and do not rank the posts in their search results.

Extramovies Movie Format

Since they upload various quality movies, they upload 360P videos for the latest movies. Later, they have been seen uploading 1080P HD movies as well on their site.

It is surprising that how they get original quality HD movies for their site. It seems that the group of hackers is also involved in this activity.

They provide the movies in the following format:

4k, 1080P Full HD, 720p HD, 480p HD, Blue Ray, MP4, MKV, Web, BRrip

Also, they provide various sizes of the movie.

300MB, 400MB, 600 MB, 700 MB, 900MB, 1.3 GB,1.8 GB, 2 GB, 2.4 GB, 2.8 GB

Such movies have been popular to download Hindi, Tamil, Bollywood, South, Marathi, Punjabi, English, Hollywood, Hindi Dubbed, Malayalam, and Kaneda Movies.

Also, they are pirating the TV shows and Web Series. But, web series and TV shows are available on TV websites as well.

They are so user-centered that you can also even request your preferred movies, TV Shows, Web Series, Short Movies and many more.

These people are doing illegal work but using their full mind in multi-direction. And, they also provide information regarding how you can download movies from their site. They are using screenshots and videos to show you how you can download the movies.

Extramovies Updated Links

As I already told you that these people keep changing their domains and links. It is not because they love it. But, to continue the movie piracy as the government and authority block their site. They have updated more than 15 links to their site. From their site links, it is seen that they are just changing their extension but the main keyword or domain is the same i.e ExtraMovies.


ExtraMovies Keyword Review

Since extramovie is searched in huge volumes, many news agencies and bloggers are making money from this keyword. Mostly, the Indian News websites are ranking top in these keywords and they are getting huge traffic to their site.

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When you view the top pages of Indian News Websites, then you can see the post with the movie downloading keywords and news related to Extramovies, Tamilrockers, moviescounters, bolly4u, etc. are found on the top rather than any news.

As per the Ubersuggest, In India, extra movies keywords is searched about 1.5M and have the CPC of $32.74.  Here, on the top, Pinterest is ranking and Ubersuggest says that it gets about 456K Visits on the keyword extra movies. Also, a post from hubsadda is ranking and it is getting 243K Visits from the keyword. On the third extramovies website is ranking.

Similarly, keyword extramovies has the searches of 1.2m with CPC of $49.49.

Keyword List of Extra Movies for Blogger

KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
extra movies1500000$32.74
extramovies in135000$35.81
extramovies.i n135000$35.81
extra movies.in135000$19.68
extramovies cc40500$0.00
extramovies worldfree4u40500$0.00
extramovies host18100$65.20
extra movies.trade18100$69.75
extramovies fun14800$0.00
extra movies.host12100$53.53

Movie Piracy Sites Like Extramovies


Tamilrockers is a movie piracy website that has a search volume of 7.5m in India. It has a CPC of $2.40. On this keyword, the Indian Express-News Website is ranking on the top. It is getting 1.9m Visits from this single keyword. The website Becurious is getting 991K visits. Also, the Times Of India News website is getting 595K Visits to its site.

Similarly, the keyword tamil rockers have a search volume of 6.1m and CPC $2.76.

Tamilrockers Keywords for Blogger

KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
tamil rockers6120000$2.76
tamil rockers com1220000$7.71
tamilrockers 20181220000$0.43
tamil rockers.xom823000$0.91
tamilrockers cl673000$0.00
tamilrockers la550000$51.78
tamilrockers gs450000$262.29
tamilrockers latest450000$6.80
tamilrockers in450000$0.97
tamilrockers movie download368000$13.74
tamilrockers gr301000$0.00
tamil rockers.to246000$0.00
tamilrockers new link246000$4.31
tamilrockers 2019246000$3.29
tamilrockers by246000$0.00
tamilrockers li246000$0.00
tamilrockers vc201000$0.00
tamilrockers net201000$0.00
tamil rockers.ch201000$15.60
tamilrockers gy201000$0.00
tamilrockers ph201000$0.00
tamilrockers movie165000$32.29
tamil rockers bz165000$0.00
tamilrockers website135000$1.04
tamilrockers isaimini135000$0.84
tamil rockers kannada135000$0.00
tamil rockers malayalam135000$0.00
tamilrockers ch135000$0.00
tamilrockers forum135000$0.00
tamilrockers sh110000$0.41
tamilrockers hd movies download90500$17.43
tamil rockers isaimini90500$1.05
tamilrockers re90500$0.41
tamilrockers mu90500$0.00
tamilrockers dubbed movies74000$15.31
tamil rockers gd74000$0.00
tamil rockers pl74000$0.00
tamilrockers downloading60500$5.83
tamilrockers proxy60500$54.06
tamil rockers download60500$2.29
tamil rockers latest url60500$0.00
tamil rockers telugu60500$0.00
tamil rockers tv60500$0.00
tamilrockers al60500$0.00
tamilrockers s60500$0.00
tamil rockers tamil movies49500$7.14
tamil rockers 201749500$0.11
tamil rockers new domain49500$0.00
tamil rockers s co49500$0.00
tamil rockers unblock49500$0.00
tamil rockers lu40500$0.00
tamil rockers com 201840500$0.00
tamil rockers lv40500$0.00
tamil rockers twitter40500$0.00
tamilrockers telugu movies33100$36.11
tamil rockers malayalam movies33100$57.42
tamilrockers new movie download33100$1.35
tamil rockers nu33100$1.05
tamilrockers hd movies 201833100$0.00
tamilrockers unblocked33100$0.00
tamilrockers vs33100$0.00
tamil rockers ac27100$0.00
tamilrockers movie download 201827100$0.00
tamilrockers new website22200$2.20
tamilrockers new url18100$0.00
tamil rockers kannada movies14800$60.46
tamil rockers wikipedia14800$0.00
tamilrockers at14800$0.00
tamilrockers ws14800$0.00
tamil rockers song12100$1.32
tamilrockers malayalam movie download12100$0.00
tamil rockers be12100$0.00
tamil rockers hindi12100$0.00
tamil rockers tamil dubbed movies12100$0.00

Tamilrockers domain and link lists

tamilrockers.nztamilrockers .latamilrockers.da
tamilrockers.bztamil rockers.intamil rockers.la
tamilrockers.trtamil rockers.mxtamilrockers.by
tamilrockers.betamilrockers.mztamil rockers.ws

Movies Counters

The another movie piracy website like extramovies and tamilrockers is movies counter. As per the Ubersuggest, movies counter keyword has a search volume of 673K per month and has the CPC of $33.86. The Indian News website Jansatta is ranking on top. It is getting 204K Visits every month from this keyword.

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Whereas movies counter.in has the traffic of 1.2m and CPC of $21.53. In this keyword, the Indian news website Indian Express is ranking on top and getting 370K Visits per month.

Movies Counter Related Keywords for Blogger

KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
movies counter673000$33.86
movies counter.in1220000$21.53
movies counter in673000$33.86
movies counter .com110000$45.41
movies counter com110000$45.41
movies counter. com110000$7.20
movies counter 201818100$0.00
movies counter info14800$0.00
movies counter.biz12100$0.00
movies counter biz12100$0.00
movies counter hindi dubbed9900$0.00
movies counter hindi6600$11.22
movies counter dual audio6600$0.00
movies counter co6600$8.85
movies counter.co6600$8.85
movies counter link4400$0.00
movies counter.link2900$0.00
movies counter 2018 hollywood2400$19.27
movies counter telugu hindi dubbed2400$8.67
movies counter english1600$15.19
movies counter online1300$51.97
movies counter hollywood1000$20.63
movies counter archive1000$0.00
movies counter com 20191000$0.00
movies counter punjabi1000$0.00


The pirated website WorldFree4U has over 2.7m searches on the internet. The keyword has a CPC of $2.33. In this keyword, the same website is ranking on top. Whereas the Indian News website Navbharat Times, Times of India, Indian Express are ranking on top 10. Nav Bharat Times is getting 266K Monthly Visits, Time Of India Is getting 180K Visits and Indian Express is getting 70K Visits every month from the single keyword.

WorldFree4U related keywords for bloggers

KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
worldfree4u movies201000$25.60
worldfree4u lol110000$3.53
worldfree4u club74000$0.00
worldfree4u ws60500$0.00
worldfree4u bollywood49500$0.00
worldfree4u. org49500$0.00
worldfree4u marathi22200$9.94
worldfree4u bollywood movies18100$41.49
worldfree4u movies bollywood18100$39.83
worldfree4u bollywood movies download12100$28.80
world4ufree to9900$0.00
worldfree4u punjabi movie8100$39.86
worldfree4u hindi6600$0.00
worldfree4u top6600$0.00
worldfree4u link5400$0.00
worldfree4u punjabi4400$0.00
worldfree4u info4400$0.00
worldfree4u fun3600$0.00
worldfree4u is3600$0.00
worldfree4u online2900$2.54
worldfree4u co2900$0.00
worldfree4u kabir singh2900$0.00
worldfree4u south2900$0.00
worldfree4u us2900$0.00
worldfree4u vip2900$0.00
worldfree4u india2400$0.00
worldfree4u desi2400$0.00
worldfree4u proxy2400$0.00
worldfree4u hollywood movies1900$15.33
world4ufree tv show1900$39.96
worldfree4u 9x1900$0.00
worldfree4u to1300$0.00
worldfree4u me1300$0.00
worldfree4u es1000$0.00
worldfree4u tv show1000$0.00


Khatrimaza is also a movie piracy website which has millions of searches per month. Many news websites and bloggers have encashed the keyword Khatrimaza in a legal way.

The keyword khatrimaza has the monthly searches of 2.2m with CPC $21.35. Their own website is ranking on the top but Indian News websites are also ranking on the top 10 results. Times of Indian are getting 362K visitors on their sites every month. Similarly, Nav Bharat Times gets 217K Visitors per month. Also, Indian Express is getting 75K Visitors per month from the single keyword.

Khatrimaza related keywords for blogger

KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
khatrimaza full1500000$10.49
khatrimaza org673000$15.03
khatrimaza. com550000$0.75
khatrimaza com550000$1.52
khatrimazafull org368000$0.00
khatrimaza 2018246000$0.00
khatrimaza pro246000$22.71
khatrimaza org in246000$0.00
khatrimaza in110000$0.00
khatrimaza bollywood movies 201874000$29.27
khatrimaza cool74000$0.00
khatrimaza movies49500$22.19
khatrimaza bollywood40500$15.91
khatrimaza 201933100$0.00
khatrimaza south movies 201833100$0.00
khatrimaza.org 201833100$0.00
khatrimaza bollywood 201822200$0.00
khatrimaza bollywood movies in hindi a to z 720p18100$19.28
khatrimaza full.co18100$0.00
khatrimaza.org 201918100$0.00
khatrimaza hollywood14800$38.42
khatrimaza in hollywood14800$36.95
khatrimaza rocks14800$0.00
khatrimaza 9xmovies14800$0.00
khatrimaza movies 201912100$37.05


9x movies keyword has the monthly searches of 5M and has the CPC of $37.21. Four Indian News websites are ranking on Top on this keyword. Indian Express is getting 1.5M traffic per month from this single keyword. Similarly, Times of India gets 810K, Nav Bharat Times gets 486K visits and Jan Satta gets 329K Visits to their site every month.

9xmovies related Keywords

KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
movies south1000000$10.20
movies genius301000$2.93
9xmovie 2018165000$0.00
movie songs110000$0.53
9xmovies 300mb74000$19.24
9xmovies net60500$6.02
9xmovies pw49500$0.00
movies show time33100$2.59
movies sites27100$21.28
movies yaariyan27100$1.97
9xmovies top27100$0.00
9xmovies wikipedia27100$0.00
9xmovies vet22200$60.39
9xmovies host18100$64.90
9xmovies download18100$36.50
9xmovies lol18100$31.11
9xmovies run18100$0.00
9xmovies khatrimaza18100$0.00
9xmovies wiki18100$0.00
9xmovies 201912100$5.22
9xmovies win12100$14.11


Another movie piracy website FMovies has monthly searches of 2.2M with CPC $4.44. All its websites with multiple domain extensions are ranking on the top 10 results along with twitter and Wikipedia.


If you guys want to download Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian Movies, then movieRulz can be your favorite website. This is another popular movie piracy website.

Movierulz has monthly searches of about 9.1m with CPC $52.29. Their own website is ranking on the top but two other Indian News Websites are also ranking on top three searches. Times of India are getting 1.5m per month and Indian Express is getting 889K Visitors per month.

Movierulz Keywords

KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
movierulz. com1000000$9.39
movierulz pl450000$47.91
movierulz ut60500$31.84
movierulz ps49500$8.77
movierulz app33100$12.94
movierulz ag14800$0.00
movierulz ds12100$0.00
movierulz kannada movie9900$62.26
movierulz plz9900$60.73
movierulz website9900$0.00
movierulz pi9900$0.00
movierulz ac8100$33.04
movierulz bc8100$57.08
movierulz vu8100$0.00
movierulz wap.org6600$43.41
movierulz proxy6600$0.00
movie roles5400$20.91
movierulz la kannada5400$0.00
movierulz vl5400$0.00

It has also been shifting its domains.



123movies has the monthly searches of 550K Visits and CPC of $19.46. All of their own websites are ranking on the top 10 results along with the Wikipedia page.

123movies related Keywords

KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
123movies downloader14800$19.18
123movies to6600$6.78
123movies domain2400$0.00
123movies unblocked2400$0.00
123movies free downloader1900$36.40
123movies official site1900$0.00
123movies new site1600$15.75
123movies app1300$7.80
123movies proxy1000$0.00


Filmywap has monthly searches of 5m with CPC $8.59. On this keyword, you can see the Indian News Website on top 3 results. Indian Express is getting 1.5m visitors every month. In the same way, the Times of India is getting 810k views and Nav Bharat Times is getting 486k visitors on their site from this single keyword.

FilmyWap Keywords

KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
filmywap in.com1500000$6.26
filmywap 2018368000$0.00
filmywap com 2018246000$0.00
filmywap online110000$11.28
filmywap punjabi movies90500$26.76
filmywap bollywood movies74000$1.04
filmywap 201774000$0.00
filmywap bollywood74000$0.00
filmywap bollywood 201874000$0.00
filmywap in bollywood74000$0.00
filmywap movie60500$52.66
filmywap bollywood movies download60500$25.34
filmywap 201960500$1.21
filmywap movie download49500$28.38
filmywap com 201949500$2.15
filmywap movie download bollywood40500$14.02
filmywap south33100$124.88
filmywap south movies in hindi 201833100$1.18
filmywap hollywood27100$9.92
filmywap io22200$43.16
filmywap desi22200$0.00
filmywap asia18100$1.29
filmywap south movie18100$0.00
filmywap 2019 bollywood movies download14800$19.52
filmywap hollywood movies in hindi 2018 download9900$89.09
filmywap online.com9900$0.00
filmywap in 20199900$0.00
filmywap official9900$0.00
filmywap for hollywood movies8100$31.69
filmywap trade8100$0.00
filmywap bollywood movies in hindi8100$0.00
filmywap bollywood movies 20198100$40.16
filmywap net8100$0.00
filmywap 20166600$0.00
filmywap bollywood movies 20186600$0.00
filmywap in south6600$0.00
filmywap marathi6600$0.00
filmywap south movies in hindi 20195400$0.00

Legal Way of Watching Movies


Netflix is a video streaming platform that has various award-winning movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc. They also do produce their own movies and video content. You can watch Netflix videos on Smart TVs, Play station Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, Blue Ray Players and more. You can simply download your favorites movie, show or any video content and watch it offline. With Netflix, you can stream unlimited videos contents like movies, TV shows on your smart devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TV.

You should pay a monthly charge and watch all the video contents.

The Best Movies to Watch on Netflix

The IrishmanSchindler’s List
Rosemary’s babyIndiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Black PantherEx Machina
The Witch20 Feet Free From Stardom
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseHomecoming
Pulp Fiction13th

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is a huge collection of video content from all over the world. Also, they produce their own content as well. Here are the movies you must watch on Amazon.

American Beauty (1999)Annihilation (2018)
Beautiful Boy (2018)The Big Sick (2017)
Blow Out (1981)Bone Tomahawk (2015)
Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017)Cold War (2018)
The conversation (1974)Eighth Grade (2018)
First Reformed (2018)The Florida Project (2017)
Generation Wealth (2018)A Ghost Story (2017)
Good Time (2017)The Graduate (1967)
The Handmaiden (2016)Hereditary (2018)
High Life (2019)Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)
It Comes at Night (2017)The Killing of a Scared Deer (2017)
Lady Bird (2017)Landline (2017)
Leave No Trace (2018)Logan Lucky (2017)
The Lost City of Z (2017)Manchester by the Sea (2016)
Mission: Impossible – FalloutMoher ! (2017)
Paterson (2016)Philadelphia (1993)
Platoon (1986)Pretty in Pink (1986)
Primal Fear (1996)Requiem for a Dream (2000)
A Quiet Place (2018)The Salesman (2016)
A Simple Plan (1998)Suspiria (2018)
The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)True Grit (2010)
Up in the Air (2009)The Virgin Suicides (1999)
Wiener-Dog (2016)Winter’s Bone (2010)
Wonder Boys (2000)Young Adult (2011)
You Were Never Really Here(2018)You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Jio Cinema

Jio Cinema is another platform where you can watch superhit latest movies and TV Series. You can watch Kawach, Splitsvilla X2, Bigg Boss, Bepanha Pyar, Bahu Begam, Vidya, Dance Deewane, Hasal, Shreemat Bhagawat Mahapuran, Choti Sardarni, Lav Kush, Silsila Badalte Rishton ka, Roadies Real Heroes, Jhansi Ki Rani, Vish, Bigg Boss Marathi, Khatra Khatra Khatra, Love School.

You need to sign in using Jio Number or Jio ID to use this platform.


Hotstar is a huge video streaming platform in India. It has the contents of TV, Movies, Sports, News, Channels, Drama, Romance, Action, Crime, Thriller, Comedy, Kids, Biopic, Documentary, Travel, Teen, Science, Talk show, Wildlife, etc. It is available in Hindi, Bengali, Telegu, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, English, Kannada and Gujarati.

Similarly, you can watch popular channels on Hotstar. The application is available in Google Play Store and IOS Store.

Star PlusStar VijayStar Jalsha
Star BharatStar MaaAsia Net
Life OKStar UtsavHotstar Soecials
Star PrabhahaStar SuvarnaStar World
HOOQHBO OriginalsChannel V
Aisanet PlusSelect PicksNational Geographic
Abc-studiosHotstar OriginalsMaa Gold
Star Sports 1FoxLifeShowTime
Star Sports Hindi 1Star Sports 2Star Sports tamil 1
Star Sports Bangla 1Star Sports Kannada 1Star Sports Select 1 HD
Star Sports 1 TeleguStar Sports 1 MarathiStar Sports First
Star Sports Select 2 HDStar Sports Select HD 1Star Sports Select HD 2.


Iflix is a popular video streaming site where you can watch and download TV Series, Movies, Nepali, Hindi, Korean, Anime, Chinese, News, Short Movies, Hindi Dubbed Tamil Movies, Thriller Movies, Action Movies, Comedy Movies, Musics, Romantic Movies, Turkish Movies, KidsMovies, Discovery Channel Episodes, Horror Movies, etc.

You can watch LIVE TV channels, NEWS and Movies at the same place.

You need to download a mobile application to access Iflix on mobile. The application is available for Android and IOS.

It has partners like AE Networks, Aljazeera, Bloomberg, CJ Entertainment, Discovery Channel, JTBC, KBS, Media Corp, NBC Universal, Paramount, TVN Movies, and Warner Bros Pictures.

Also, Iflix has parter with the celebrities like Afdlin Shauki, Ali Zafar, Aom, Ashraf Sinclair, Diana Danielle, Iza Calzado, Karylle Tatlonghari-Yuzon, Kit B, Maya Karin, NoteP, Phway Phway and Sazzy Falak.


From all of the above, youtube is a free platform where you can watch and save offline so many videos either it is movies, short movies, Hindi dubbed movies, Hollywood Movies, Tamil Movies, Japanese Movies, Kapil Sharma Show, Hindi TV serials, Live TV shows, Music Videos, Cover Songs, etc. You can watch them all without paying any money.

Here are the lists of youtube channels to watch movies.

Nepali Movies

OSR DigitalMusic Nepal
Buddha Subba Digital Pvt LtdHighlightsNepal
OSR DigitalHighlights Movies
HiTech EntertainmentSairam Pictures
Budha Subba MoviesAB Pictures Farm

Hindi Movies

AD-Wise Media Action MovieplexGoldmines Telefilms
Aditya MoviesPen Movies
Shemaroo ComedyAditya Movies
GoldminesStar Entertainment Hindi
WAMIndiaMoviesRKD Prime Time
RK Duggal StudiosShemaroo Movies
Cinekorn MoviesShemaroo
Cinebox PicturesGunaa Teamworks
Suresh ProductionsBolly Kick
NH StudiozVenus Movies
South Hindi Movies DigiplexAction Tadka India
Pen MultiplexGoldmines Hindi


Using pirated sites is not safe. For both, the owners of pirated websites and the visitors may have to deal with the legal issues and can be subjected to jail.

Instead, there are so many video streaming sites that have thousands of movies, short films, comedy videos, documentaries, etc. You can use Netflix or Amazon Prime Video if you can pay. Otherwise, the best option is Youtube.

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