[SUICIDE] Actress Vijayalakshmi

Actress VijayalakshmiShe is a popular actor. She is also the director and producer. Ee Bandhana, Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum, Abhiyum Anuvum, Yaanaa and Sweety are her latest movie as a director. She is the producer of Oru Indhiya Kanavu, Thillaanaa Mohanambal, etc.

According to sources, she tried to suicide and she is admitted to hospital.

Vijayalakshmi attempts suicide, hospitalised
Vijayalakshmi attempts suicide, hospitalised

The news has been published on the sites like OpIndia.com, RepublicWorld.com

Actress Vijayalakshmi

South actress Vijayalakshmi tried to commit suicide due to mental stress but fortunately she has been saved.

Vijayalakshmi had earlier put many videos on social media, in which she said that she is being bullied a lot with the help of social media, due to which she is under heavy stress.

On the same Sunday, he posted a video and claimed that he had eaten some blood pressure medicines, so that his blood pressure would go down and he would die. He is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital.

He posted a video on Facebook. He said, this is my last video. For the last four months, I am under lot of stress due to Seaman and his party people. I tried a lot to try to stay alive for my family but this is not happening.

Hari Nadar has insulted me a lot in the media. I have eaten blood pressure pills. In some time, my blood pressure will decrease completely and I will die.

Vijayalakshmi also said that her death should be an example for the people and appealed to her fans not to spare people like Seaman and Hari Nadar and to get the harshest punishment for their mental exploitation.

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According to reports, Vijay Laxmi is admitted to a private hospital in Chennai where he is undergoing treatment. Let us know that Seaman is the leader of a Tamil Nationalist Party, the same Hari Nadar also belongs to a political party. Hari had also participated in the by-election of Nanguneri Assembly in October last year but had to face defeat.


Actress Vijayalakshmi who has featured in Vijay’s Friends and Boss Engira Baskaran has been admitted to a hospital after the actress allegedly tried to die by suicide.

The actress who has been in the spotlight for speaking against Seeman has been admitted to a private hospital and is recovering according to sources close to her. She had uploaded a video on her social media handle recently talking about the torture she has been facing from actor-turned-politician Seeman and his party.

She posted a video on social media and said, ‘This is my last video and I have been in tremendous stress in the last four months because of Seeman and his partymen. I tried my level best to survive all these days because of my mother and sister, but I have been humiliated in the media by Harinadar recently.

I have already taken a couple of my BP tablets, so in sometime I will suffer from low blood pressure and in a few hours I will be dead. I would like to tell the fans who are watching the video just because of I was born in Karnataka Seeman has tortured me a lot. As a woman I have put up with it to my highest capabilities, I won’t be able handle the pressure anymore. I am from the Pillai community, the same community LTTE leader Prabhakaran is part of.

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Prabhakaran is the only reason Seeman is who he is today, but now he has been harassing me on social media continuously. You slut shamed me to make me feel the pain and it is up to me to decide on what to do after facing such insults from you. I request my fans to not let Seeman away from this case, he should never get an anticipatory bail. My death should be a big eye opener to everyone. I don’t want to be a slave to anybody.’


She has won the Filmfare Awards Kannada best actress award in 1998 for the movie Nagamandala. Also, she is the national awards winner in the category Best Feature Film in Tamil for the movie Thillaanaa Mohanambal.

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