13th South Asian Games SAG in Kathmandu Nepal

13th South Asian Games SAG in Kathmandu Nepal

Starting today, the 13th South Asian Games (SAG) is officially starting. After the inauguration at Dasaratha Stadium by President Vidyadvi Bhandari at 5 pm, the SAG will begin.

Nepal, which is organizing the SAG Games for the third time, has already completed preparations to make the opening ceremony grand. Director of the ceremony sub-committee, Kul Bahadur Thapa informed the white bar that in the inaugural ceremony, the songs and art of Nepalese culture and nature will be presented.

According to Thapa, all preparations have been completed to make the opening ceremony grand. He said the grand rehearsal at the Dashrath Stadium on Friday confirmed the opening would be grand.

According to Thapa, the inauguration ceremony will run for two hours. Over 3,000 people will give their presentations.

Some 900 people from the armed police force, 100 from the Nepal Army, one thousand from the Nepal Police, 3,000 students from different schools and colleges, and 4,000 who will present a glimpse of Nepal’s culture will present their inaugural ceremony.

According to Thapa, 100 bodybuilders will present calisthenics (gymnastics). In addition, 100 artists will also present their presentations. Kunti Moktan, Anand Karki, Satyaraj Acharya, Indira Joshi, and others will give their presentations.

The inauguration ceremony will begin when the President arrives at 5 pm. Then players from all seven countries will march.

Kamal Bahadur Adhikari, the flag-bearer of Nepal’s flag, will carry the march in March. About 1,000 players from all seven countries will participate in the March Pass. Then there will be a formal talk. After the talk, the cultural program will begin.

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Where Nepal and the seven countries will be represented in song and dance. In the meantime, there will be an Olympic flashlight. Olympic Torch is a program to be held by Taekwondo legendary athlete Deepak Bista. The flashlight fired at a rally a week ago was brought to Kathmandu after it was rolled into five cities in 4 provinces.

Thapa said that Rs. 200 million will be spent on the opening of the vegetable. According to him, the army, police, army and students will give free presentations, but wages will be paid for the artist.

Dasaratha stadium has already been made for the inauguration. The stadium, which looks colorful due to the seats, has been decorated with colored lights. The display board has been placed in five places in the stadium. More than 4,000 people will be watching live inauguration ceremony while the event will be broadcast live through Nepal Television.

This edition of the South Asian Games, which started from Nepal in 1979, is competing in eight games. Three games will be held in Pokhara and one game will be held in Janakpur and the rest will be in Kathmandu.

Volleyball competitions have already begun before the inauguration of the greens. The rest of the game will be from Monday. The concluding ceremony of the teas will be held on November 7. Before that, there will be 1 gold, 2 silver, and 3 bronze medals.

‘The opening is the mirror of the greens. We are about to make this opportunity unattainable and enjoyable by all. The conclusion of the saga will be just as glorious and exquisite, ”Thapa said. He said the necessary investment and good preparation to make the ceremony special will leave no stone unturned.

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In the inauguration, Nepalese Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Artists, Students and students of different ethnicities will be presented. Thapa also said that there will be a presentation of 3,000 artists in both the opening and closing. At the inaugural session, which will start from March 7, players from all seven countries will give a presentation on Nepal’s nationality.

Army, Police and Armed Police bands will give separate presentations. More than 300 well-known professional artists from Nepal will perform songs and dances. Laser beams, lighting, electronic art will also make the opening session more exciting. More than 500 compulsors will play different musical instruments in Nepal. Nepal has also considered the teak sporting event as a preparation for Nepal Tourism Year 1.

Four games are underway on Sunday, the day after the official opening of the teak. Karate and Hollow will be in Kathmandu on Sunday. Badminton games will begin in Pokhara. The volleyball game has begun before four o’clock. The Dasaratha Stadium has a single covered hall and there is also a basketball game to be played since the volleyball opening was started. Nepali women’s volleyball team has reached the final of sag volleyball.

The South Asian Games (SAG) is officially starting today. There is a program to be inaugurated by President Bidhyadevi Bhandari at the Dashrath Stadium in Tripureshwar this evening. Special preparations have been made at the Dashrath Stadium for the opening ceremony.

Nepal, India, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Maldives from South Asia have participated in the competition. The competition, which will be held till November 1, is attended by 7 thousand 7 players, officials, and technicians from seven countries. Of them, there will be 3,000 players, 3 thousand officials, 3 thousand 3 referees, judges, and juries. There are 199 players from Nepal registered in the SAG, which will compete for 1 thousand 5 medals with 1 gold in 3 games.

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What happens at the opening?

The inaugural ceremony features a glimpse of Nepali art-culture. More than a thousand artists from the armed police will give presentations. The artist welcomes players and officials from all over the country through song and dance. Players and officials from every country are joining the march with their flags. Fireworks will also be made to make the ceremony grand.

Eight games in Pokhara

Eight of the eight games will be played in Pokhara. The wrestling competition will be held in Janakpur. The remaining games will be held in Kathmandu and Lalitpur, according to the organizer. Although the inauguration will be held at the stadium in Tripurashwor, Kathmandu, cultural events will be held at Pokhara Theater.

90,000 security personnel operating

Over 95,000 security personnel have been deployed throughout the SAG competition. Security arrangements have been made under the leadership of the state police chief in Pokhara and Janakpur. Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Army, and Investigation personnel will be assigned to the security.

For players coming to Nepal, more than 3 hotels of different levels are booked in Kathmandu. Indigenous and foreign players, coaches, judges, officials, and guests will be kept at the hotel.

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