Z.D. Businessman (2021) New Released Hindi Dubbed Movie | 2021 New South Hindi Dubbed Movies


Movie Will Premiere At 7:30 PM

The movie follows the inspiring tale of an entrepreneur, Joy Thakolkaaran, who owns a firm named ‘Punyalan Agarbathis’. The firm in involved in the production of incense sticks from elephant dung. The first half moves around how it becomes nearly impossible for him to acquire necessary raw material (elephant dung) and when he finally does acquire it devil follows him in the form of a hartal. Struggling between the deadline given by the court and the unexpected hartal, he decides to smuggle the raw material on the day of the hartal. When the RIP followers get wind of this they attack joy and destroy his godown and means of transportation. The rest of the movie revolves around how Joy is pressured with various problems around him and how help comes from the unexpected. The party uses different methods to mentally depreciate Joy. But he overcomes them by his optimistic attitude and his friends and family. In the end of the movie the tag line reads “you can conquer the whole world if you are ready to believe in yourself”

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