You Can Now install Windows 11 On Older PCs With A Catch


So Microsoft there will be a loop hole, which they will not stop people from installing windows 11 using the media creation tool or if they are in the windows insider program. So you can now install windows 11 on older pcs with a catch. The catch is by updating to windows 11 on old hardware won’t receive updates.

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  1. You really think Microsoft is going to let all the unsupported ones without security updates with all that stuff out in the wild internet unprotected passing it around and are going to get a worse name than they already have… Sure let's go with that ? Guarantee they will at least get security updates.

  2. I have a CPU on the supported list but still getting a message that says windows 11 not supported. The bit about only getting software /driver from the windows store is going to put them in a head on collision with the EU for anti competitive behaviour.

  3. Intel is working on driver update for Kaby-Lake CPU's that will be Windows 11 Compatible … which is good … I have an Acer Aspire E15 from 2017 that is still a great machine, but currently not Windows 11 compatible, even though it has TPM2 on board.

  4. I installed Eleven – on a fast, well specced comfuser – last week. Wasn’t keen on it apart from the rounded look of the window corners: the menus and sub menus are a pain, with icons replacing some of the text eg. “paste”.
    Then came an update – and after it was done and rebooted, the desktop and any clicks were unresponsive and the taskbar had disappeared – even ctrl>alt>del did nothing! So I had to pull the power and reboot.
    On booting – exactly the same.
    Life’s too short – I know it’s Beta but I’ve seen enough and I’m halfway through reinstalling W10 and all my programs. 11 has nothing that I need over 10 and quite a lot that is a hindrance.

  5. Microsoft’s insistence on excluding processors that don’t meet its design principles is purely arbitrary and what if everything else is ok? That’s what it is with 90% of PCs out there. We’re not talking about legacy machines with 32 bit and BIOS and non secure computing platforms. No one expects those to run Windows 11. Excluding machines made in the last decade that are still capable is wasteful and Microsoft designed Windows 11 backwards by not looking at how people actually use PCs today. Its not like the company couldn’t have waited for Windows 12 when much better PCs will be on the market to take advantage of new computing technologies.

  6. With this decision Microsoft has helped me decide that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows that I purchase. I have been using Linux mint on 3 older machines for the last 3 years and on a new build within the last 3 months. I have learned enough about using Linux that I doubt I will miss Windows with all its update nightmares and tracking issues. I don"t like the feeling of a gun being held to my head insisting that I buy new hardware.

  7. Many people will just ignore it with this system requirement. People's attention will be more on Covid than windows 11 and Bill gate as a Covid 19 vaccine advocate himself has forgotten about this I think.

  8. And here you carry on giving Microsoft the benefit of the doubt?! This is supposed to be a tech channel according to your own words…..Microsoft have lied and lied and the information changes daily…..Microsoft is crap and always will be…..they lost my respect after Windows 7…..but people still have faith in them and waste their money on them….have a Lenovo laptop…just a year old and problems with wifi drivers that…I will point can't be fixed at the moment….just a typical example of Microsoft crap!!

  9. They are making a lot of threats these are threats they could easily enforce once the full retail version of Windows 11 comes out just because your getting the updates for the Insider version you are rocking right now doesn't mean Microsoft will just allow you to keep getting updates once they officially launch the OS and they did say that they will not allow your to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 if you don't meet these requirements on theirs so that is a con right there but you can still do a clean install.

  10. Was hyped when I first heard of Windows 11. But soon found out my dear old laptop won't be supported. All my hype and interest in Windows 11 died down and I avoided all Windows 11 related videos until this one. I checked just to see if there was a glimmer of hope, a reconsideration from Microsoft but no…still disappointed. I have already accepted that I'll be on Windows 10 till 2025 and will decide what to do next after that. I am at peace now!

  11. I hope linux will "develop" over the next few years…. Therefore my "older" perfectly viable pcs and laptops can be migrated from win10 to linux (windows like) … With covid/shortage of parts etc… I think it may be a time/period where Win 11 requirements will make people think of the alternatives and if a linux developer is savvy / proactive and promoted/ marketed correctly….. and a good alternative can be produced , I would "pay" for that privilege … and this would put Microsoft on notice , so to speak … Well that's my view point …

  12. I am using win7, my desktop is eligible for win 11 requirement, if i install win11 will it be official license ver for free or it will pop up for activation?

  13. I'm running Window 11 on an HP 250 G3 notebook and the CPU is an intel core i3 Core i3-4005SU @ 1.70Ghz with only 8 gigs of ram and is installed with only Secure boot and no TPM 2.0 using the registry change and a modified appraisal DLL file to get it installed on the System and the ISO build downloaded from the Microsoft site is 10.0.2200.162 and once it was fully installed the automatic update on the laptop updated it io 10.0.22000.168 and it is running very smoothly right now.

  14. Am still going to wait until I can replace my Ivy Bridge build with a machine that comes with 11 pre-installed because I cannot be bothered to swap out the hardware or even afford it for that matter. Pretty disappointed all the same as I put in a lot of effort and cash to my build back in the day. So thanks Microsoft for making my life a bit less enjoyable!! Plus I reckon this is going to cost companies and government departments a LOT of money to replace the 10 they are running now on probably unsupported equipment.

  15. I started using Win 11 DEV version (recently switched to Beta version) on my Minisforum GK41 Intel Celeron J4125 w/8GB Ram and my crappy Gateway Intel i5 laptop. So far, no major glitches or crashes. Both PCs are receiving Win 11 updates on a regular basis.

  16. I have it installed on my 10 yr old desktop MSI 890FXA-GD70 AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition, had to buypass the checks ran good for a few months about 2 weeks ago it stop updating, I can download update but when it try's to install i get error message cant install missing files Grrr gonna have to uninstall beings im not getting updates, Im not about to run a windows sys with out update lol was using as a daily driver with only MS defender

  17. @Britec09, in the link you supplied that checks pc compatibility for windows 11 its saying my pc is compatible with windows 11, but when i go to join insider program its saying the opposite, weird, confusing lol ?

  18. When the official 'loophole' for 'tech enthusiasts' is actually just the method that most people will probably use and also the way in which Windows 10 has been installed for years… i.e. using the Media Creation Tool.


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