Will Your PC Run Windows 11


Will Your PC Run Windows 11 – System Requirements for Windows 11 – Use Microsoft’s PC Health Check app to check if your device is compatible. Windows 11 will be a FREE upgrade this fall.

Compatibility for Windows 11

Windows 11 system requirements

Windows 11 Supported Intel Processors

Windows 11 Supported AMD Processors

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  1. Hi I've done the windows 11 check but its come with a error its telling me it needs a secure boot I have a ASUS z370 plus gaming motherboard running a intel I7 8086 cpu is it possible you can do a video on how to put it in to secure mode or explain to me how to do it I just installed the latest bios from ASUS version 3004 and it stated it Supports Windows 11 by default, no settings changes required in the UEFI BIOS. yet when I do the windows 11 check it states I need to have secure boot any help would be grateful

  2. It was said that mine would not work so I took care of the problem and purchased a Chromebox with i7 processor. Wow, I am much more pleased than I thought I'd be. Not to hurt anyone's feelings but homeowners do not need a Windows machine any longer. Chromebox does everything I need at a fraction of the cost, and the dependability of an Android phone. I can still use Microsoft Word on it along with most other Android apps. So why haven't I done this until now? I was just stupid that's why.

  3. I had tpm enabled however it’s version 1.2. I tried to upgrade it to v.2 however, when i checked my pc manufacturer(dell) website for the drivers, my computer is compatible for v2. What will i do?

  4. Hace más de un año compré un surface studio 2 uno sinceramente no miraba la generación de CPU antes si no que el pc cumplía con nuestros requisitos de trabajo, este pc fue comprado por la calidad de la pantalla y el marcador de superficie ya que ningún otro fabricante lo tiene , ahora me dicen que este pc tiene caducidad hasta 2025, honestamente la peor compra, no compres un mac solo por la adsolescencia programada y microsoft lo hace un más extremo

  5. Windows 10 will be supported till 2025. Lots of time to replace hardware with upgraded hardware. Hardware only lasts 5 – 7 years and time to upgrade anyways. Windows 11 will not run on laptops built last year with a i 7 processor. 8 and above. I would think hackers will get an installer that will skirt around all the issues.

  6. I'm not dealing with this retarded Microsoft nonsense anymore. Everytime they "upgrade" to a newer version of Windows it gets more worse and more annoying to upgrade the OS. The endless updates is annoying and to have to restart the computer everytime to install important critical updates is frustrating.

    I'm just tired of Microsoft with their BS system requirements with all of the boatware garbage that comes with it. I got to go through the annoyence of cleaning out the trashy game apps like Candy Crush and the junky Windows store apps that no one wants anyway. I don't want my OS system to run like a tablet or a mobile phone.

    After Windows 10 support ends on 2025 I'm switching to Linux where the OS doesn't come with trashy boatware and stupid system requirements. What stupid jerk in Microsoft corporation came up with the TPM 2.0. system requirement. Don't these Microsoft jerks realize that people at home are using older hardware. Not everyone is a large business corporation where we can just spend more money buying additional hardware parts.

    The only reason I'm still using Windows 10 is because of Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. If it wasn't for those apps I would have left Windows years ago when Windows 7 was discontinued.


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