Why People Are Mad About Windows 11


Why People Are Mad About Windows 11. Today we talk about some of the things I dislike about windows 11. Let me know what you guys dislike in comments. Need a Cheap Win 10 pro OEM key (make sure you use code BR09 for a 30% discount)
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  1. Having your taskbar on the sides is actually better. Most modern day monitors are wider than taller, meaning if you have the taskbar on the bottom, it's taking up more space, on the sides however, it has more space do to the screen being wider.

  2. I've been messing it around on my Surface and IMO, it feels like a downgrade over 10. Live tiles were a great feature for touch displays. Gone. Basic tasks now require extra steps. There's no way to disable the obnoxious news feed in the widget menu. Just a really poor design overall. Never thought I'd say this, but I think I'll be rolling back to 10.

  3. It is Micro Soft that created a program that is looking for TPM which just happen to go with their MS Surfaces. All of my computers will not work with Windows 11 that means if I want to use it I need to buy a new computer.

  4. I'm still not going to switch for a while, but I find that the taskbar issues, context menus, and general new explorer changes are too simplified.
    Not too sure if it's been mentioned, but I find StartAllBack to be a great tool for having the old taskbar, start menu and explorer ribbon back for now.

  5. I've been a Linux, Mac and BSD user for many decades but still keep Windows on at least one or two machines. I don't dislike anything so far, in fact the lack of customization makes it easier to maintain clients.

  6. How Stupid Microsoft can be sometimes. They made the same stupid mistake as Win 8. Imposing on users one vision, one setup with no possibility of making custom changes. Users don't want that. That's why so many users stuck with Windows XP or Windows 7 for so long, they don't listen to the users.

  7. I have used Win 11 for a couple of months now as a MS insider. It kept locking up my pc with either apps freezing or the whole pc locking up. It seems to be a bit better with latest update but still the occasional lock up.

  8. Most people are angry with Microsoft's upgrade requirements, especially the strict processor requirement. Microsoft is clearly shooting themselves in the foot with this strict requirement and I think they will ultimately be forced to drop it. If not, I think we may be witnessing the start of the demise of Windows itself.
    Linux distros like Zorin, EndeavourOS, Ubuntu and more, bundled with their great free Office, CAD, Drawing, Video, and more apps are already very slick and very attractive right now, and will become even more so to those who like their computers and don't want to fork out hundreds or even thousands to update. Using these Linux OSs is no longer an apparent step backwards. Heck these Linux OSs will speed up one's computer and add far better security than what MS could ever offer, plus if there's a Window program one absolutely needs to run, one can install Linux's 'Wine', which provides a Windows compatibility layer for Linux. Wine may not be perfect yet, but it will obviously get much better, very quickly, as more people want to use it.


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