Why are Arthritis Baths High in Women?

Why is Arthritis Baths High in Women?

In the winter, pediatricians suffer more than in other seasons. Why is it more common in pediatric women? Which bath is more common in Nepal? Presented by Citizen Worker, Pavitra Sunar, spoke with Dr. Angel Bista, a pediatrician at Veer Hospital.

Why are Arthritis Baths High in Women?
Why are Arthritis Baths High in Women?

How many years have passed in medical care?

– It’s been 2 years. After completing MVavish in Bangladesh on the Government Scholarship in the year I joined this service. In the same period, after one-year fellowship at the National Medical Sciences Institute MD and New Delhi WATH Pediatrics in India, I am continuously in Bir Hospital.

What is a Pediatrician?

– Pediatrics are chronic. Many patients leave the interstitial patient for some time after consuming the medication. The disease seems to be erupting. The body has a kind of immune system. Its job is to not let an external infection occur. If a problem arises due to the immune system of the body, the cells within the body consider their own cells as an external bacterium and begin to destroy the cells and produce antibodies in the body. At that time, various symptoms of pediatrics appear.

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Which are the prevalent pediatrics in Nepal?

The most visible is rheumatic arthritis (arthritis bath), the osteoarthritis bath (the bone marrow bath), the third uric acid bath and the fourth spinal bath. But all kinds of baths are more visible in women.

Causes of Pediatric Pregnancy in Women?

– Hormone imbalances in women appear to have a bath. The strogen hormone is uneven in women compared to men. As the menstrual cycle ceases, lupus baths appear more in the month. This is in some ways the role of hormones in women. But arthritis, connective tissue disease (lupus bath), bone loss problem are more common in women. But the bath is more visible in men, the spinal bath and the gout arthritis (uric acid bath) are more visible. Osteo porosity also appears more in women. This disease can cause problems such as the fracture of the bone and broken bones in small wounds.

Which are the most common baths among women?

– Ostrich psoriasis and arthritis are more visible.

Is it possible to use a drug that causes a bath?

– Female hormones also have a role. In addition, steroid drugs used in asthma and bath disease cause osteoarthritis.

Why is Arthritis Baths High in Women?

– Arthritis baths are caused by hereditary causes and hormones in women.

What are the Symptoms of Arthritis Baths?

– The joints of the fingers and feet, like the small joints of the hands and feet, will be staggering when sleeping, sometimes listening to loud joints, hearing the jaws of the jerk, and jogging as soon as the jaw is normal. Some people also have a sore throat on their fingers. If the fingers are twitching, if there is a prolonged period, problems will arise in the glands of the eyes and mouth. The mouth is dry, the eyes are dry. If untreated for a long period of time, symptoms such as asthma, wheezing, waterlogging, difficulty breathing and shortness of breath, vomiting, lack of various components in the blood can also affect the lungs.

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How do you know in time that a patient is getting arthritis?

– The main thing is to know the pain of the joints, the hearing, the pain in the mornings, not knowing when to start the work, then the arthritis is going to get worse after the armpits and they should go to the vet for treatment.

What if this bath is not treated quickly?

– Treatment as soon as possible can be cured. But it is not possible to recover completely once the effects are delayed. The main way is to go to treatment as soon as the symptoms appear.

In which situation does a pediatrician get treatment in Nepal?

– In Nepal, the villagers come in late for treatment. The joints live longer in the pain reliever medicine. It seems that treatment only comes after the problem becomes very complicated. They once used steroid supplements for years to make themselves seem more complicated by the practice. Since it affects the lungs from the heart to the heart, he did not treat the bath only as a disease of the jaw and delayed treatment.

Why is Australia more common in arthritis women in Nepal?

– Female hormones, obesity, other diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, condition of the family; As the player has been injured for some time, he may have osteoarthritis in the future. We cannot change heredity. But by controlling for other lifestyle and conditions associated with the disease, the disease can be avoided. Like cholesterol, obesity can be controlled.

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What are the main symptoms of osteoarthritis?

– The main symptom of this is the large jaw catch. Most commonly the knee, hip, and hip joints are affected. Its symptoms are reversible. Walking in the bath, climbing the stairs can be difficult. Falling from a chair is difficult. There will be a voice coming in. The fingers of the hands of the body are heard, the joints of the hands are sore, and the joints of the joints come at the tip of the hands. There are symptoms, including difficulty in catching something.

Why does it only take big jars in the bath?

– Injuries are also likely in the lower jaw. Loose joints are also the upper jaw. That is why it has to be a burden. Obesity was added to the weak jaw and the load had to be weighed – this would seem to be a problem.

Why do you have to suffer in the winter?

– In winter the climate changes and the coldness increases. Coldness causes more pain. The limb is more susceptible to pain.

How does veterinarian care in the winter?

– In winter, the finger is blue and this is due to lack of blood circulation. Colds cause the blood to drain. Such patients wear paws, stockings, warm clothes. Care should be taken such as taking regular medication and keeping the body in a warm state, not moving. General and cold conditions should not go to the side of a patient who has flu. The vaccine should be administered against the flu and against pneumonia.

How much does a pediatrician come to this hospital daily?

– Every day there are 1 to 5 people. Of which 5 percent are new.

What kind of food does a bath patient eat?

– There are different kinds of confusion in society about what food the bath patients eat. Some have the illusion that they should not eat meat, eat gravy, or eat anything else. Normal people should eat the same food. Avoid sugar, cold drinks, no alcohol, no red meat, no smoking.

How to Care for a Bath Patient in the Winter?

– Baths are likely to increase in the winter, so be careful about avoiding cold weather, exercising to keep the body active, and wearing warm clothes.

What is a steth used for baths, hormones, and asthma?

– is the element inside the body. It occurs in the body and the other is external. What we use is the synthetic hormone. The inner steroid is the hormone. Any type of blood vessel, which acts to fuel the body. In addition, it helps to reduce inflammation in the body. This drug is used to reduce inflammation. Gives in to the problem of hearing, suffering. But using it properly benefits. If not eaten properly, it can cause bone loss. For this reason, it should be consumed on the advice of a drug therapist.

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