Who is the Free Fire Richest Noob Player?


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Free Fire Ka Richest Noob Player

Free Fire is currently the trending game in India and the South East Asia region. Following the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, the game has taken off and has millions of players globally. The game has also changed the streaming and content creation scene as many YouTubers have taken up the game. So fans of the game are eager to know who the richest Free Fire player is. So if you are one among them, scroll down to learn more about the richest noob player.

Who is the Free Fire Richest Noob Player?

According to statistics, the well-known gamer Lokesh has risen to the top of the BR game in India. In Free Fire, he has a win rate of 21%, according to Gizbot. On his Youtube channel, he has amassed over 6.87 million subscribers. He entered the platform in 2017, and the fact that his streaming career has taken such a dramatic turn shows that Lokesh gamer is the new king of the platform. Aside from that, looking at Lokesh gamer’s monthly earnings. Lokesh Gamer earns an average of $14.4K – $230.8K from his Youtube channel alone, according to the official website of the social blade. Aside from that, there are a variety of other ways for a streamer to make money in this company.

Lokesh Gamer Free Fire Stats

Lokesh Gamer’s Free Fire ID is 220528068. You can din all of his stats listed below,

Squad Mode

  • Team – TEAM HIND (Leader)

  • No of Games – Played over  3342 matches in the squad mode

  • Total Wins of 709 Matches in Squad Mode

  • win-rate – more than 36.30%

  • Kills – 6164 

  • K/D – 2.34

Solo Mode

  • No of Games – Played over  1279 matches in the solo mode

  • Total Wins of 131 Matches in Solo Mode

  • win-rate – more than 38.56%

  • Kills – 2579 

  • K/D – 2.26

Duo Mode

  • No of Games – Played over  1527 matches in the Duo mode

  • Total Wins of 152 Matches in Duo Mode

  • win-rate – more than 28.16%

  • Kills – 2572

  • K/D – 1.87

New Features in Free Fire

Following its worldwide success, a range of new features has been introduced to Free Fire. With the famous Free Fire OB 26 update, the creators have introduced a range of new features. New Spawn Island, improved training island, weapon balance, and other features have been added to Free Fire. Fans have been eager to learn more about the latest update’s functionality. Listed below are all the new updates.

  • Rebalance 9 weapons including  Gorza, UMP, M1014, M249, SVD, M1887, Vector, Parafal, and Woodpecker.

  • Added a revival system

  • Added quick commands

  • New gun called  UAV-Lite

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