Where To Find Piplup In Pokemon Go?


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Where To Find Piplup In Pokemon Go?

The current anniversary event will be ending on Thursday, July 15th at 8:00 PM. The players of Pokemon go can find this Piplup variously when they are playing during this event. Players will not be able to find Piplup by strolling about or utilising incense. There are a variety of additional ways to engage in a battle with this Pokemon and capture one. Some gamers may even be lucky enough to come upon a gleaming Piplup.

Where to catch Piplup in Pokemon Go?

 In order to capture Piplup in the overworld, players must use a lure on a PokeStop.Piplup will be among the lure’s spawning Pokemon as a result of this. As Piplup is a pure Water-type Pokemon, it is recommended that players use a Rainy Lure or a Glacial Lure to boost their chances of seeing it. Piplup can also be found by completing a specific field research mission given during the anniversary event.It’s important to note that Piplup isn’t the only possible reward for completing this mission.

What is Piplup in Pokemon Go?

Piplup is basically a water-type Pokemon that emerged from the Sinnoh Region. It is a generation 4 water starter that turns Prinplup after using 25 candies and Prinplup to Empolean after using 100 candies.

Where is Piplup in the Pokemon Sword?

After the expansion of Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra, some of the fans favourite Pokemons were missing and Piplup is one among them.

Piplup Stats

The whole Piplup line has stats that slightly favour Attack over Defense and Stamina:

  • Max CP: 947

  • Attack: 112

  • Defense: 103

  • Stamina: 106

Piplup Weaknesses and Resistances

Weakness Resistance
Grass Steel
Electric FIre, Water, Ice

Weather Effects

Piplup is boosted by rainy weather, and can be found up to level 35 with the following CP values:

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