Where To Construct The Wooden Hatchery? Check Locations, Quests Here


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Wooden Hatchery Fortnite

Wooden Hatchery Fortnite, if the players complete the challenge they will earn 45000 XP. Wooden Hatchery Fortnite is the week 7 challenge, which is going to be expired on 28th July at the end of the month. Wooden Hatchery Fortnite challengers will be rewarded by getting 45000 XP. Here below get more information on how to construct the Wooden Hatchery Fortnite and what is the location of Wooden Hatchery Fortnite.

Where To Construct The Wooden Hatchery?

There are two places to construct Wooden Hatchery Fortnite and a wooden hatchery location for completing the challenge. The places will be circled on the map.

  • A small wooden hut located on the south side between the Stealthy Stronghold and Craggy Cliffs is one of the Fortnite wooden hatchery locations.

  • On the southwest corner of the map, the slurpy swamp is direct to the south is another Fortnite wooden hatchery location

In these two places, the players have to construct  Wooden Hatchery in Fortnite, to complete the week 7 challenge. This is the wooden hatchery location to construct the wooden hatchery Fortnite.

Quest In Fortnite Week 7

The Week 7 Quest in Fortnite. Check it well before you enter.

  • Construct one wooden Hatchery 

  • Mark one Alien Egg 

  • Collect two records from Park or Craggy Cliffs 

  • Stoke two Campfires near different Hatcheries 

  • Collect two books from Holly Hatchery or Retail Row 

The Record Locations At Craggy Cliffs Fortnite

  • On the cliff west of Craggy Cliffs, In the small building, next to a wooden table.

  • Next to NOMS supermarket, Inside the garage

  • On the Cap’n Carp restaurant, Next to some bins east

  • On the ground floor, In the middle building along the east side of Craggy Cliffs.

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