When And Where Was Australian Survivor 2021 Filmed?


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Survivor Australia 2021

Australian Survivor is a reality game show that is based on the internationally acclaimed ‘Survivor’ series. The show follows a group of participants who have been isolated in an isolated place and are dubbed “castaways.” The castaways are responsible for their food, water, fire, and shelter. The contestants participate in a variety of challenges to win prizes and avoid being eliminated. As their other castaways vote them off the island, the participants are gradually eliminated from the game. The final contestant is awarded the title of ‘Sole Survivor’ and the grand prize of $A500,000. The upcoming season has 24 contestants. Scroll down to learn more about them.

Survivor Australia 2021 Contestants

Listed below are all the contestants of Survivor Australis 2021,

Name Age
Laura Wells 36
Phil Ferguson 28
Chelsea Hackett 22
Georgia Ray  35
Gavin Wanganeen 48
Dani Beale 34
Binyamin Burdo 38
Daini Tuiqure 26
Janelle Durso 43
George Mladenov 31
Kerryn Mcgee 25
Baden Cooke 42
Gerald Youles 26
Joey McCann 35
Hayley Leake 31
Rachel Downie 50
Mitchell Shaw 33
Shannon Lawson 30
Simon Mee 31
Wai Chin 38
Andrew Ulces 33
Felicity Palmateer 28
Cara Atchison 47

Where Was Australian Survivor filmed?

The show was shot in Northwest Queensland, and it was set far inland to avoid saltwater crocodiles, but at the same time, they also needed a location with a good supply of water. The show is set to premiere soon after the shoot was delayed due to the pandemic. The crew were also forced to shift from their regular location of Samoa or Fiji. The production is estimated to bring in $14.6 million into the State’s economy and provide approximately 150 jobs for the crew. The new season will premier on 18 July at 7:30 pm on 10 and 10 play, in a new Brains vs Brawn format.

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