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It’s all come down to States! HL got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Sway Bhatia about ‘The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers’ season finale. Plus, she reveals her hopes for season 2.

The Don’t Bothers are set to face off against the Mighty Ducks during The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers season finale, airing May 28. The Don’t Bothers have defeated the odds and made it all the way to States. So, what can fans expect? Sway Bhatia is breaking it all down in this EXCLUSIVE interview.

“This is the moment where we have to play against our enemy team and my former team, the Mighty Ducks,” Sway told HollywoodLife. “Not the OG Ducks but the new Ducks, who are all about winning. I had a hard time on that team. I didn’t enjoy being on the team, so now it’s going to be hard having to go against them. But do we ever go against them? That is a good question. I think the stakes are definitely very high knowing that we have to go against the biggest team. It’s basically like in the original movie, the Ducks kind of go against the Hawks in this case. So I think when we first get there, it’s almost a sense of disbelief. Understanding how far we’ve come. I mean, the Don’t Bothers started off at nothing. Nobody knew how to skate. The goalie started with an oven mitt, and now we’re at States. I think it’s such a special moment for us because everybody would always say we’re not going to make it to States. But we’re here now. I think we’re so proud of ourselves.”

Sway Bhatia
Sway Bhatia plays Sofi on ‘Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.’ (Disney+)

Sway noted that the finale doesn’t end on a “cliffhanger,” but you’ll want to know what happens next. “It ends in a way where you want more,” she teased. “I think it’s a sweet ending. There are some parts in episode 10 that are not expected, which I think makes the episode just so much better. I love those where you expect something, and then that doesn’t actually end up happening. We have a few of those moments. There’s a lot of surprising things that happen in episode 10.”

The young actress has high hopes for season 2. “I think what I want to know more is the backstory of all these characters and more about them,” Sway revealed. “The show has been focusing on all of us as a team. Even though we’ve all been spotlighted, it is important that we all work as one. But I think it’s also important that we really see who all these people are. Who really is Sofi? What was she like growing up? What does she want to do in the future? I think we should really get into the specifics of all these characters and understand who they are besides hockey players now, so it would be really cool if we do that. But I did hear gossip that if we do have a season 2 Steven Brill wants to bring back the Charlie Conway who is Joshua Jackson and Kenan Thompson. I would be dead if we do that. I am obsessed with Kenan Thompson and his work on SNL. That would be really awesome if we get to work with both.”

Sway Bhatia
Sofi and Evan in the season finale. (Disney+)

Sofi and Evan have finally revealed that they have feelings for each other. Sway has enjoyed exploring the friendship between Sofi and Evan. “I think what’s so awesome is that there’s this really strong friendship and, and it just develops throughout the season,” Sway told HollywoodLife. “I think that’s something that happens so much in real life, so there’s a lot of relatability there. This has been my first-ever relationship on a show, so it was pretty cool getting to play that. We have some fun scenes.”

Getting the chance to work alongside Emilio Estevez, who returned to play Gordon Bombay once again, has been a dream come true for Sway. “He’s such a legend to the industry, and I’ve learned so much from just watching him act and wanting to become Gordon Bombay,” Sway said. “What happened is in the first few episodes you see him being this grumpy guy who’s eating leftover cake from birthday parties, which is actually cornbread. The way he became that grumpy guy from being such a sweet humble person was so special. I’ve learned so much from him on how to really become your character and understand who they are. Gordon Bombay has so much of the backstory from the original movies, and it’s amazing to see how he brings the new Gordon in, but also brings a new Gordon with it, Even watching Lauren Graham work… I love Gilmore Girls so much and seeing her bring a little Lorelai into Alex Morrow was so special. Watching both of them act is such a valuable lesson for me. I’ve learned a lot from just watching them. They’ve given us so much advice on really how to become your character and how to step into the shoes of who you’re playing. Emilio really invited us and welcomed us into the Mighty Ducks family, and the entire cast is so honored.”

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