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What Does BTS Stand for Kpop?

Well BTS fans can check this article to know What Does BTS Stand for Kpop. BTS has various meanings, but What Does BTS Stand for is unclear for some BTS fans. You will come to know What Does BTS Stand for by reading this article. The K-Pop band, which consists of Jimin, RM, V, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, and Jungkook, debuted in 2013 under the name ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan known as ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts’ in English and gives them the catchy and accessible moniker ‘BTS.’ Bangtan Boys is the most popular abbreviation among fans, and BTS is used in many different languages when they tour around the world.

What Does BTS Stand for?

Following their tour in the United States, BTS ‘expanded their identity,’ announcing a new logo and the term ‘Beyond the Scene’ in a dramatic YouTube video. It was essentially a full makeover. The band began as a lot more hip hop centred group in terms of rapping, styling, and dancing, but has now evolved into a more pop-oriented group with more lighthearted, even artistic and modern style dance.

Bangtan Sonyeondan (written in Korean) stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan. Bangtan Sonyeondan literally translates to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” in Korean. “Bangtan” literally translates to “bullet resistance.” In Japan, BTS is referred to as Bodan Shnendan. The Korean Bangtan Sonyeondan is quite close to the English equivalent.

BTS Members

BTS is one of the most popular bands in South Korea and has a global fandom who goes by the name of BTS army. The band has reached the top of Billboard ratings several times and have alos won many Billboard Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards. But many fans do not know that the members of the band have two different names. One is their stage name and the other is the traditional South Korean name. The stage names are the ones that are popularly known by the people. Legal names work differently in South Korea so it can get confusing to remember them. In Korea, a person’s family name gets listed first, followed by a person’s name. Koran family name usually consists of only one syllable and do not have a middle name in most cases. 

BTS Members Real Names

Stage Name Real Name
RM Kim Namjoon
Jin Kim Seokjin
J-Hope Jung Hoseok
Suga Min Yoongi
V Kim Taehyung
Jimin Park Jimin
Jungkook Jeon Jeongguk

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