What Are The Conker Live And Reloaded Cheats For Xbox?


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Conker Live And Reloaded Cheat Codes

Conker Live & Reloaded is a third-person game that released exclusively for Xbox in June 2005. On April 17, 2018, the game was made backwards-compatible with Xbox One and added to the Microsoft Store as a digital copy. The multiplayer mode in Live & Reloaded uses the same third-person perspective as the single-player mode. There are different game modes in multiplayer mode, such as Capture the Flag and the standard Deathmatch. The player can participate as a member of the SHC or the Tediz. 

Conker Live And Reloaded Cheats – Xbox Live Multiplayer Upgrades

By playing online and winning, players can unlock upgrades for their character. 

  • All 6 Class Medals: Only veterans can handle this kind of language.

  • 1000 Kills (Long Ranger Class): Steadier aim, Nimbler reload

  • 1000 Kills (Sky Jockey Class): Quicker targeting, Quicker Breech

  • 1000 Kills (Demolisher Class): Increased Strayfur clip, Guided Rocket boost

  • 1000 Kills (Thermophile Class): Recharger Boost: thermo weapons

  • 1000 Kills (Sneeker Class): Snoopa. Improved cloaking

  • 1000 Kills (Grunt Class): Clip extension, Self-heal overcharge

  • 50 Kills Total: Avatar Pack II

  • 500 Kills Total: Avatar Pack III

  • 1000 Kills Total: Avatar Pack IV

  • 500 Mobile Unit Kills: Bonus Avatar Pack

  • All 6 Specialist Medals: IR enhance, Booster plus, Quicker Tank breech, Improved Hogster

  • 2000 Healing Points (Specialist): Enhanced healing speed

  • 500 Mine Kills (Specialist): +1 Mine per loadout

  • 500 Backstabs (Specialist): Instant Detonate: Snoopa

  • 500 Fire Damage Kills (Specialist): Sinurator tank capacity increased

  • 500 Headshots (Specialist): Overcharge power boost

  • 1500 Repair Points (Specialist): Kinetic Seal: Increased repair efficiency

  • 500 Marshalls Assassinated: +1 Primary Grenade slot

  • 500 Generals Assassinated: +1 Secondary Grenade slot

  • 1500 Kills Total: Projectile Coulour – Golden bullets

  • 3000 Kills Total: Projectile Colour – Regal purple bullets

  • 4000 Kills Total: Re-spawn penalty modifier 1/2 reduction

  • 1000 VC Points: Hacking Device: Speed chipped

Conker Live And Reloaded Cheat Codes Unlockables

Conker’s Clothes

The following clothes will be available at particular places while you advance in the game:

  • Jacket: Almost everywhere

  • Wolf Head Piece: In the chapter “Uga Buga”

  • Zombie Hunter Coat: In the Chapter “Spooky”

  • Army clothes: In the chapter “It’s War”

  • Matrix Jacket: In the chapter “Heist”

Unlock Potty Mouth

The Potty Mouth can be unlocked by beating “Conkers Bad Fur Day” or a single player on the game. After beating it, head to the multiplayer menu. Now go to profiles and unlock “Potty Mouth”.

Skills Of Characters

The skills of each character are:

  • Demolisher: Berserk, Spray Can

  • Grunt: Self Heal, Spray Can

  • Long Ranger: Intravision, Spray Can

  • Sky Jockey: Spray Can

  • Sneeker: Cloak, Feign Death, Spray Can, Disguise

  • Thermophile: Self Heal, Spray Can

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