Upgrade to Windows 11 Now For Free


Upgrade to Windows 11 Now For Free
So you can’t wait and you want to upgrade from windows 10 to Windows 11 right away without waiting for Microsoft to send it via Windows updates. Well I will show you full step by step on getting Windows 11 now for free.

Windows 11 Installation Assistant

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  1. You're pleasant to listen to, concise and accurate without being lighting fast as some people try to be. It's a pleasure to listen to you. Thank you for your time.

  2. My laptop is fully compatible with 11.
    I was on windows 11 , build/version 22000.184 and i can't get updates. It download updates slowly and on the install something broke. I try all solutions i can find on line. Nothing solved.
    I downloaded the ISO from Microsoft page.
    Then made an bootable Usb with Rufus 3.15. No media BS & other software.
    Open file explorer > Open usb stick > 2x click on Setup. I choose "Keep nothing". Only thing was missing from this install was Format drive C. It workt very well.
    Now i'm on 22000.194. Works very good. I set it up.
    I did not have any problems with before versions .

  3. Hi thanks for the video, When I click restart now, it says restart and shut down without turning back on . And when I try to power on my pc, it says undoing changes and it doesn’t upgrade to windows 11 so what do I do now??

  4. If your machine can run it, can anybody tell me what Win 11 will do that will make any real difference over Win 10 to 99.99% of MS users…what does it offer for the normal everyday user…i cant find anywhere online that can tell me…it seems like MS has finally run out of steam, and its just cosmetic (can already theme 10 to 11) and under the bonnet stuff that nobody will even know about…seems like a waste of time for most people

  5. I couldn't agree more with backing up your system before updating to Windows 11. I updated and had a few problems, so I went to roll back to Windows 10. When it went to roll back, it kept just giving me a blank black screen when it tried to load into my desktop. Luckily I made a system image before updating to Win 11, so I was able to get back to Windows 10. I then decided to try updating to Win 11 again, and the 2nd time it went smoothly without any problems

  6. Everything is fine except for my CPU i3 7100u it says Current CPU is not supported. But when I checked it over there website it is supported for 20H2 version.. but why?

  7. There will always be different results on every PC.. we all don't have the same hardware combinations so ones experience might be better than another. You do realize Windows is basically a generic OS meant to run on all different types of hardware. Every single OS weather it's Windows Mac or Linux and every version of them has and will always have their flaws, quirks etc. Programmers can only program for so much. Don't be so judgemental… Windows 11 is faster more stable and runs cooler on all my machines better than 10 ever did. Yes Windows 11 has new ways but in every single OS things have always been changed and we all have had to relearn how to do some things. If you don't want to upgrade simply don't but don't think that Windows 10 is going to be free of errors too. After all Microsoft did release an update that was deleting user files ?

  8. Mine ticks all the boxes except for the TPM 2.0 & CPU, I have everything on my desktop on my notebook ready too download Windows 11, I did the command prompt way, I have gone too install Windows 11 a couple of times & then cancelled the installation, I have it all on my desktop & more including the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool & Windows 11 Installation Assistant etc.


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