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Next Episode of Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Next Episode Release date announced or not? When is the next episode of Tokyo Revengers release? These are the questions asked by the fans of these popular Japanese anime lovers. So when is the next episode of Tokyo Revengers coming out? Tokyo Revengers next episode countdown days are updated in this article. Tokyo Revengers is one of the top-rated Japanese anime series and it is also one of the most popular anime among Japanese anime lovers. Tokyo Revengers was adapted from the comic series that is illustrated by Gege Akutami. So when is the Tokyo Revengers next episode dropping? Fans already started to ask questions like “Tokyo Revengers Next Episode Release date” and “When is the next episode of Tokyo Revengers?”. Scroll down to learn more.

Tokyo Revengers Next Episode countdown

Tokya Revengers premiered recently and the show has been a great hit so far. Eight episodes have released so far and more are expected to be on the way. You can find the list of episodes and the expected release dates below,

  • S01E01 : Reborn  Air Date: Apr 10, 2021

  • S01E02 : Resist    Air Date: Apr 17, 2021 

  • S01E03 : Episode 3 – Air Date: Apr 24, 2021 

  • S01E04 : Episode 4 – Air Date: May 01, 2021 

  • S01E05 : Episode 5 – Air Date: May 08, 2021

  • S01E06 : Episode 6 – Air Date: May 15, 2021 

  • S01E07 : Episode 7 – Air Date: May 22, 2021 

  • S01E08 : Episode 8 – Air Date: May 29, 2021 

  • S01E09 : Episode 9 – Air Date: Jun 05, 2021 

  • S01E10 : Episode 10 – Air Date: Jun 12, 2021 

  • S01E11 : Episode 11 – Air Date: Jun 19, 2021 

  • S01E12 : Episode 12 – Air Date: Jun 26, 2021 

The next set of Jujutsu Kaisen episodes are expected to get released on the following dates,

Episode 09 June 05, 2021
Episode 10 June 12, 2021
Episode 11 June 19, 2021
Episode 12 June 26, 2021

Please note that these dates are subject to change. We’ll be updating this page on all future updates. So make sure to bookmark us.

When is the next episode of Tokyo Revengers coming out?

The next episode of Tokyo Revengers is expected to release on June 05, 2021.

Tokyo Revengers Next Episode Countdown

With the next episode set to release on June 05, 2021, we have six days before the latest episode of Tokyo Revengers is out.

Tokyo Revengers Cast

Listed below are all the cast members of Tokyo Revengers,

  • Takumi Kitamura – Takemichi Hanagaki

  • Yuki Yamada – Ken Ryuguji

  • Yosuke Sugino – Naoto Tachibana

  • Mio Imada – Hinata Tachibana

  • Nobuyuki Suzuki – Masataka Shimizu

  • Gordon Maeda – Takashi Mitsuya

  • Hayato Isomura – Atsushi Sendo

  • Shotaro Mamiya – Tetta Kisaki

  • Ryo Yoshizawa – Manjiro Sano

  • Hiroya Shimizu – Shuji Hanma

  • Kazuki Horike – Haruki Hayashida

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