This USB Toolkit is All You Will Ever Need


This USB Toolkit is All You Will Ever Need

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This USB software is a must-have bit of kit. You can have all your favorite tools on one USB with a simple installation. No difficult setup process, just drag and drop. Ventoy supports over 200+ ISO files Windows and Linux based. This is a must-have tool for PC Repair and computer technicians.

Download: How to Create a MultiBoot USB with Ventoy

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  1. I Have a one question? I bought a Linux installed system, but whenever i tried to install windows 10 on the laptop its doesn't show the bootable pendirve in boot option, i installed it via Hiren ghost system but after installation its stuck on windows startup screen and shows a blue screen error and not booting up to windows 10.

  2. Hi Brian thanks for the video. It does not work for me. Always says security issue on boot, although I do not have secure boot enabled in bios.
    Gigabyte Z490 Master motherboard. Windows 10 Pro. Also, have you got a video about adding motherboard drivers to bootable USB. As my PE for AOMEI Backapper no longer sees my m.2 drives

  3. It's an amazing tool! I have an external 256GB SSD drive that I used to use for backups, etc. I installed ventoy on it. So I have all my Linux ISOs, rescue ISOs, AV boot ISOs, WIndows Recovery, Windows Install, etc.. PLUS you can store non ISO files as well. So your favorite utilities etc… The SSD is so much faster than FLASH boot and install times are reduced. I use it to test new distros live first before attempting to install them.

  4. The man who has Chrome and Edge on the desktop, is not worth the attention or watching his videos.
    You are still a beginner and unusual with computers, accordingly, your video materials are not relevant. And the program you present more resembles the bitcoin miners than a useful tool. I'm sorry, but I'll have to put you on the block, since you're useless! .i.

  5. Hi, I have a problem with my Dell laptop. The Boot Configuration Data is either missing or not working. Everything began after I updated it to Windows 10. I'm getting the 8 beeps sound. There are times when the Boot Config error pops up but the majority of times is all black. I don't want to order XTRA PC because I really like my laptop the way it came. I don't want to get rid of it. A friend suggested I leave you a comment. I already bought another one but I do miss my baby. Why is it that when we get used to something is hard to let go? Please, I can use some help if it's not too much trouble. I had already subscribed to your channel but I'm still practically new. Thank you very much in advance.
    Tony Perez

  6. Maybe not related to the topic, I´m trying to create a bluray ISO into a USB stick, the solutions I have found work depending in the OS I work, if I created in Windows only runs in windows and so on, maybe this could be what im looking for 🙂


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